Seinfeld question

I’m watching the “Little Kicks” episode, you know, the one where Elaine loses the respect of her staff because of her terrible dance moves. When George mentions the dancing to Jerry, Jerry has a flashback of Elaine starting to dance to some street musicians. In the flashback, Elaines hair is long, with the little pouf on top. In the episode, her hair is a much shorter bob.
My question is, did they ever talk about Elaine’s dancing before the “Little Kicks” episode? If not, how did they have the footage for Jerry’s flashback? It looked like it was taken at least a couple of years prior.
Has anyone else ever noticed this?

I always assumed it was a wig.

It’s way too identical to how she wore it in earlier seasons. She’s also wearing a dress with the little shoes and socks she wore early on. It’s like they thought it would be funny to do a scene like that, but ended up not using it.

I don’t know. I may be overthinking it. :smiley:

Very good prop and costume people.

She danced in the episode Frogger, but that was in a later Season. It was a “normal” dance. I can’t find the “real” version of it, but here’s J. Peterman’s CCTV footage of her stealing the cake.

They filmed it as part of that episode, it isn’t old footage. I don’t have a cite but I’m absolutely certain - maybe they talked about it in the special features for that episode? I might check later.

Julia Louis Dreyfus talked about this and they specifically filmed that.

She said that they originally tried to have her dance WITH music but because she actually can dance, she kept screwing it up and keeping good time to the music.

So they gave her moves and filmed it without music and then went back and filled it in later.

The flashback was done in the same way.

Obligatory XKCD

They once did a similar thing in Friends - years into the show they had a flashback to (if I remember correctly) just before the series began, and they had all the friends wear clothes and hair similar to how they were in the first season.

Little things like that are one of the reasons I love Seinfeld and Friends and think they were above and beyond mere “regular sitcoms”.

Season 3; Episode 6 The One With The Flashback

Srsly, I was never a big Friends fan, but you gotta love the episode titles.

I always disliked the titles for Friends, too presumptuous. It’s the way you describe classic series episodes, series you all know and love, ‘The one where’,‘the one with’. It felt like the program makers were arrogating to themselves something which was the prerogative of the audience.

So this is an arrogant-arrogation interrogation, then?

I actually always thought it was a Far Side shout-out. There’s one *Far Side *collection that has an index of the cartoons…but they’re all filed under “T” for “The one…”

Now that’s funny.