Nathan for you is an incredible show

I think I"ve seen every episode in the last few weeks. This show is really great and one of the best tv comedies I’ve seen.

Thanks very much Wesley. I will def try a few episodes and I hope I’ll like it as much as you do.

I do not want to insult you. But I watched a couple of episodes and unless your reason for recommending this show is that it is good to laugh at, I must seriously disagree. I thought this show was just terrible and I would like to give you my reasons.

The basic premise underlying this show is that Nathan is an expert at giving advice to small business owners to help them survive and even thrive in bad markets.

But, his only qualifications seem to be that he graduated from a top business school in Canada and got good grades.

Just consider the following advice he gave to a struggling frozen yogurt store. He suggested they introduce a new controversial flavor called “Poo”. Yes. That is correct. He found a company that creates flavors and told them he wanted a flavor that tasted like feces. Honest to goodness he did.

Then he did some tests with random people and one of them even guessed the yogurt tasted like shit. I just sat and watched with my mouth open.

I thought about starting a thread about this guy in The Pit. But ultimately, I decided it was just not worth my time.

Please let me just tell you of one other of his ideas.

A hotel in California was struggling and wanted to attract more “family business”. Nathan suggested they advertise that they provided sound-proof boxes for children. The children could be locked into these boxes and they would have some light and sounds of a night in a forest (animal sounds). Meanwhile, the parents could have sex in the room and make loud noises but the children could never hear this noise.

Ohh … Dang! There is much more to this story. But I just thought the whole thing was absurd. I don’t want to ever watch this show again. I can’t find anything redeeming about this show. All I can say is:



Do you mean to say that I got “whooshed” because it is indeed intended to be a comedy and I just missed the point completely?

That would make me very happy. I would much prefer to appear to be somewhat dopey than to appear to be hateful.

If it is a comedy, it would be a wonderful takeoff on that show where some fellow goes around and attempts to help struggling hotels. I watched several episodes of that and came to the conclusion that it was just an awful show.

I sure hope that I did indeed miss the point and that it is indeed a comedy.

But, why open every episode by telling the audience that he graduated from a Canadian Business school? Is that an attempt to say that Canadian schools are second rate as compared to American schools?

Oh dear! I just re-read the OP and it says that it is indeed a comedy.

Thank you very much for your post. I would hate to think that people would enjoy seeing me look so stupid.

Thank you again.

Now I’m not sure if you’re trolling

I haven’t seen the show yet, but it’s been fun reading this thread.

I think you’ve been wooshed. I think post #3 is a meta-comedic critique of a meta-comedic show about “Kitchen Nightmare” shows.

Or, sadly, not.

Upon further reflection, I’m quite positive I got wooshed. But, it was well done and I can enjoy a good laugh at myself. After all, why not?

I got a real good laugh out of the whole thing and I’m thankful that the OP said this show was a comedy right in the OP.

This has been a good lesson and a lot of fun to boot.

And … No. I am not trolling. I was just a dope and I duped myself.

My theory is that the entirety of Charlie Wayne’s posting on the SDMB has been Nathan trolling us for a prank in Season 4.

OMG! How did you ever guess? You are just amazing, Sir (or Madam)!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Did the fact that the program airs on Comedy Central escape your attention (much as
it escaped your attention that downloading those movies via BitTorrent was violating copyright)?

Don’t accuse others of trolling outside of the Pit.

Well, the Souvenir Shop/Film Festival episode is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

“I’m a hacker, not a slacker.”

That guy Nathan is a genius. However he kind of drops the facade when one of of his subjects says something really stupid - then his mask falls away and he’s like “wait, what!?”

“Wait, you have sex next to your brother!?”

“Wait, you drink baby’s urine!?”

It would be better if he could keep the mask up always.