National Guard Funding

Here’s a fine thread on the subject. It doesn’t quite get at my question, which is:

With both states and the Federal government funding the National Guard (the latter being a much larger funding source than the former), how is the burden divided?

Is there some sort of matching-fund system where for every dollar Congress provides, the states have to provide a dime?

Or are states required to pay for certain activities? Training to fight fires, parties for the adjutant, some fraction of salaries…?

Could a state just up and reduce the amount it spends on its military department or would the US Secretary of Defense or someone have to approve this? If it increased the amount it spent could it spend the extra on anything it wanted?

The agreement between the state and the fed is not the same state-to-state when it comes to the National Guard.

They are primarily state funded with federal reimbursement/funding in time of war. They get some federal funding at all times, how much depends on the state’s agreement with the feds/riders on various bills, etc…

way oversimplified, the one weekend a month is funded by the state and the two weeks a year are federally funded training. When they’re in Afghanistan, it’s on the fed’s dime.

Payroll is handled by the feds when they are in federal service, and by the state when called up by the Governor.

No idea about other expenses.