National ID cards on the way?

I read this in an article recently. Is this true?

Before someone posts the token ‘it’s a conspiracy to track us all’ comment, I would like to say I like the idea.

As a victim of a nasty identity crime (stolen driver’s license and CC#), I am inclined to support regulations that might help prevent these crimes.

As to the validity of the statements, I couldn’t say for sure, but it doesn’t sound unreasonable.

The far right will have a cow, if this is enforced

Well, at least the chip/barcode will be embedded in a driver’s license card, not the right hand or the forehead.

I’m from Michigan, and they just started putting a bar code & magnetic strip on the new driver’s licenses. There’s a line of type above the magnetic stripe that states “Information contained in bar code and magnetic stripe is limited to date of birth, license/ID number and expiration date.”

It doesn’t bother me that they’re doing this, as long as they keep the info limited to what’s on my license. I’d be a little uncomfortable with anything more personal than that.

Ohio drivers licenses have the magnetic strip, too. Nothing is said on the card as to its purpose, or what it contains.

Isn’t all of that on the FRONT of the card?

Maybe so they can swipe it and they don’t have to do that tough math in their heads to figure out whether you can drink or not? I have one of the old Illinois drivers licenses, and it can take a full 1 - 2 minutes for a concerned liquor clerk to figure out my age; the DL has a hologram over the birthdate and people who don’t know the precise way to hold it can’t read it.

Most people in my church think this is the precursoe to the mark of the beast.

As long as they hold off on that until after I’m 21, then it’s not my concern… :slight_smile:

Draft me and I’ll AWOL. Imprison me and I’ll run. Shoot me and I won’t die, just to annoy you.

I don’t think we’ll see chips implanted in people in our lifetimes. Firstly, the FDA would have to test the device for years before they gave it approval. Secondly, I don’t think that any company would be willing to bankroll the development of the chip. Even a lot of non-religious people would be a bit queasy over that notion. And last of all, the chip could never be compulsory. That would be a GROSS violation of our Constitutional rights. If it were not compulsory, the number of people willing to have the chips implanted would be too small to justify the cost of outfitting agencies with the reading devices.

I gotta learn to reread before I post.

What I meant was: No corporation would be willing to fund the development of the chip. They would certainly know that a good portion of the US population are religious folks. Off the bat, you’ve lost them. You would get a lot of negative publicity, and no corporation likes to be labled as a tool of Satan, dispensing the Mark of the Beast. Even non-religious people and people of other faiths might not like the idea of a foriegn object being implanted in their flesh. Also, if the chip wasn’t compulsory, or federally funded in some way, there would be few people willing to pay for it, or the costs of the implantation.

They have no potential profit, unless the chip is compulsory.

Yes. So, that means all of this info is in three different locations on my one very small driver’s license. This is Michigan, home of very pretty driver’s licenses, very pretty license plates, and the worst roads in the nation. :slight_smile:

The implantable chip allready exists and has been used in animals for several years.
It is just a small step to implanting them in humans.

t lion

Lion, it may be a small step, but it’s over a deep, deep crevasse.

Draft me and I’ll AWOL. Imprison me and I’ll run. Shoot me and I won’t die, just to annoy you.

I agree and it will take an army to hold me down when they try to implant mine.
The technology exists and it is just a matter of time before some politician gets the idea that implanting a chip in everybody will prevent crime or missing children etc.
I hope that I am not still living when that time comes.

t lion

I hope never to see that time, but if it does come I at least hope that someone out there is still willing to pick up a gun. If I see it, I will.

Draft me and I’ll AWOL. Imprison me and I’ll run. Shoot me and I won’t die, just to annoy you.

Strong words, Surgoshan, coming from a man who judging by his sig line would be unwilling to defend his country in time of war.

Indeed, I do disagree with the draft, and, just to get you really riled up, I think Lincoln violated the Constitution all over the place and that the Republicans then were as evil as they are now, so there!

Draft me and I’ll AWOL. Imprison me and I’ll run. Shoot me and I won’t die, just to annoy you.

Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said

Huh. So, if called upon to defend your country against foreign invaders or threats, you’d just let someone else do it for you; but you wouldn’t hesitate to take up arms against your own country for lower taxes or legal pot.

I say you are a thief and a coward.