"National Sunday Law" - anyone else gotten one of these?

Yesterday I got a booklet called “National Sunday Law” in the mail. 94 pages, no packaging, addressed to “Resident”. Judging from the alarmist tone of the cover screed I assumed it to be some sort of religious tract, and I was not disappointed - I haven’t read through the whole thing, but it’s chock-full of Bible references and the main gist of it seems to be that the Catholic Church is the Antichrist.

Upon looking at Wikipedia I found it was written by a Seventh-Day Adventist evangelist who is apparently trying to bulk-mail it to every address in the country. Anybody else gotten one yet?

No, but when I do, your post will have saved me the time of thumbing through it before I chunk it in the recycle bin.

Why would a 7th-Day Adventist care about Sunday? :confused: They celebrate the sabbath on Saturday like the Jews.

As I understand it, alphaboi867 a big part of his screed is how Congress is going to pass a law making Sunday a mandatory day of worship and rest. I’ve read a little bit of his book. I couldn’t get to far because I was afraid my head would explode from the batshit craziness of it all.

I’ve been to a couple of SDA services, and it seems to me that the “Sabbath is on Saturday!” thing is the major feature that distinguishes their group from other Christians. Well, they’re also big into “the True Church was hijacked by Roman politicians!”, but I think other Christian groups have that belief.

Maybe the evangelist thinks that someone is somehow going to legislate that church can only happen on Sunday?

I got one of them several year ago. A lot of it was about The Whore of Rome, and why you will go to hell for going to church on Sunday rather than Saturday! It’s a fun read. I lost my copy, hoping I will get another one! I don’t hold out much hope though, we didn’t even get the census here :frowning: .

I guess he doesn’t know about that whole separation of church and state, huh?

Now you know batshit craziness tends to ignore those pesky little details. :smiley:

Is it glossy? I hope not. Stuff like that makes good kindling - as long as it’s not glossy.

Nothing for the SDA but I would love for Sunday to be a mandatory day of rest. Religious or not we could all benefit from having a day to just enjoy life and most people won’t do it if it’s voluntary.

I have not yet received this in the mail. It sounds crazy, I’ll probably read it to my family in an over serious voice.

I used to work for a small, local newspaper and one of my jobs was putting in the letters to the editor.

At one point we had a standing policy that every letter submitted got published. It was an easy policy, since we only received four or five letters each week. It was our local 7DA who forced a change to that particular policy. He sent in a letter every single weekday – five each week, like clockwork, all about how you’re damned to hell if you celebrate the sabbath on Sunday. Obsessive little fucker if there ever was one. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find that he’s the one behind this whole plan.

That might be nice, but what about hospitals, police, fire, need I go on? There are jobs that must be done every hour of every day.

Pastors. Let’s give them Sunday off. They’re religious, they’ll go for that, right?

Of course given that Saturday is supposed to be my day off (being Jewish) when would I get to do anything like shop on the weekends?

What’s not restful about shopping?

All kidding aside. I know some people have to work Sunday but I think we would all be better off if we each had one day of rest. It could be Sunday for a lot of people and a different day for people who couldn’t relax on Sunday.

There’s no perfect solution but it’s gotten so there are school sports on Sunday and summer sport tournaments on Sunday and all retail businesses are open, people expect to see houses to buy, etc. Even people who want to have one relaxing day off each week can’t.

Most people have days off. How many people work seven days a week?

Lots of people, especially in retail. Sure, it’s usually averaged out over a fortnight so that you’re working lots of days one week and hardly any the next, but working 7 days in a row at least one week a month wasn’t at all unusual in many of my earlier jobs.

I know you’re kidding, but this is a pet peeve of mine. It is irritating to go to stores on a Sunday that have a little sign saying “Closed: Sunday should be for families” and I’m thinking that if I really observed the Sabbath on my day, I’d have to break my Sabbath to shop at your store. I don’t care what they choose to do, but it’s the over-sweeping generalities that what applies to them, applies to everybody.

Was the book professionally bound, or was it more of a spiraley, Kinko’s thing? I ask because, when I worked in a copy center (at Staples, specifically), we had a LOT of people (and not the same people, either), who would come in and want us to basically provide them with on-the-cheap bookbinding. I believe it was largely Jehova’s Witnesses, but a lot of the books were ambiguous on who they were coming from (not that I snooped excessively, but hey, when I have to spend an hour making a book by hand…I’m going to skim at least some of the text).

More I think about it, this may not be at all related – I know the JW people are really big on producing/sending/whatever endless forms of literature/periodicals/flyers/etc (and they usually have a very mainstream appearance to them – presumably, they want to interest people in the church). This sounds like a rich dude paying to self-publish his personal screed.

Most people do not work 7 days a week unless they want to.