National Weather Service accidentally orders thousands of rounds of ammunition

Okay, it’s a “clerical error” according to the person in charge, the 46,000 rounds of ammo were actually for the NOAA Division of Law Enforcement.

But before I read more than the headline, I wondered if we were going to get more pro-active against tornadoes.

My husband, Andy L, said, “Are they tired of just cloud seeding?” and “Maybe they’re going to do a new kind of skeet shooting. ‘Pull!’ and a hailstone gets blasted.”

If Thor keeps hitting the place with his lightning bolts it’s only fair that you guys shoot back.

“The suspect went down in a hail of bullets.”

Wait - NOAA has its own law enforcement agency?

Are they basically to protect and patrol NOAA facilities, or do they actually investigate oceanic and atmospheric crimes and bust people for dumping crap in the Atlantic and overusing CFCs?

I think they’re just getting ready for winter. The next time I have to shovel eight inches of “partly sunny” slush off my driveway, they may need the ammo.

And if I tap my Dad’s arsenal, they still don’t have enough.

They enforce fisheries protection laws and such.

You don’t mess with The National Weather Service.:eek:

Who needs ammunition when you can control a Category 5?

I wonder if they have any howitzers to deal with snow packs. That’d really freak out the militia-types. (Seriously, one way to deal with potential avalanches is to set them off ahead of time – with howitzers.)

Oh! Oh! I see a science experiment! Could you cause a cloud to dissipate by setting off explosives in the middle of it? I’m thinking the high-pressure wave created by the explosion could push the cloud apart.

We just need some artillery and maybe a Superfortress or Stratofortress.

The ammo is for when they’re dealing with criminal elements.

Nah, they’re just gonna shoot the breeze.