Native American Secret used by hunters to stay awake three days at a time

I was wondering just exactly how these Native American hunters were able to stay awake and purely functional for up to three days at a time. I have an older friend, which is full blooded Native American, which up until recently used this “technique” to stay up three days at a time.

I did ask him, but he won’t even give me so much as a hint. But I have heard of this before, he is the only person I have ever met that actually knew how to do it and up until recently practiced this.

It may be related to the ancient Native American technique of “pulling Paleface’s leg.”

I missed that

It’s called ‘Willpower’. It’s not that difficult to stay up for three days straight. I usually get very sleepy around hour 26 and remain sleepy for about 8 - 10 hours, but after that the sleepy feeling mostly goes away.

Speaking as someone who is 1/4 Native American, there isn’t any trick to staying awake for 3 days. Just don’t go to sleep. Caffiene helps but it is not neccessary. I have pulled 3 day marathons of Counter-Strike before (on 3 day weekends) and I was doing nearly as well at the end as I was when I first started.

Well, he doesn’t pull three day marathons. Its the way he lived his life, three days at a time.

And it is an Indian secret, he actually had to quit doing it because it caused it caused him to have a heart attack.

I have heard of Duke University doing some kind of research on this technique, The Native Americans that were studied supposedly (I say supposedly because I myself have not seen these) took IQ tests before and after these three day intervals and performed equally as well and were equally awake and alert as before the three day period.

And its not Cocaine, Meth, or Crank…not to say it isn’t some kind of herb or substance. This is a very respected elder so please don’t be so simple

I am not aware of any such research being conducted at Duke. Do you have any further details? Who is conducting the research? When?

no, I don’t know any details, the Duke research stuff is hear say, like I said, I heard of it but have not seen any of it.

Actually, come to think of it, the I believe the studies were done in the 1960’s. But once again, hearsay.

Perhaps the mythical, ancient secret stash of Ecstasy (methamphetimines)?

Ooh! Ooh! What’s the secret?




The secret is modafinil

I would guess that fasting and will-power will easily keep you awake.

Playing a video game was mentioned, so you have to think about how much interest, focus, and determination come into play.

Three days is not that long to stay awake, really.

I hope you don’t think I am doubting that he stays awake for three days at a time when he wants to. I just feel that he is yanking your chain about an “Ancient First Nations Secret” when bull-headedness and willpower work for everyone else.

I don’t know about the fasting - in Navy Seal training they keep you up for the first week, but keep feeding you chow all the same.

Someone might post in on this: would fasting weaken a person more, or would the blood going down to the stomach for digestion draw it away from the brain and cause fatigue?