NATO and President Trump

The USA is entitled to its madness but I doubt very much most of Europe will want to be part of it: Is there any choice for European nations other than to suspend Article 5?

Full verbiage of Article 5

Just because the US gets in a war doesn’t mean it’s an attack against us in North America.

It’s pretty specific about self-defense which allows more wiggle room if Trump say, invades Mexico as part of collecting on the cost of finishing the border wall.

Each party to the alliance gets to pick what support they “deem necessary” once Article 5 is invoked. Appropriate support includes, but doesn’t not require armed force. It’s not a blank check.

Any choice for what? I would think the answer has to do with which types of “madness” you had in mind?

Yep, what about the retaliation for what Trump may do.

Perhaps the point is there isn’t likely to be too much of an appetite in Europe for a nuclear-capable military alliance with a former game show host and demonstrable sociopath.

I’m less worried about Trump actually not keeping our treaty commitments so much as the Russians thinking he might not. Wars are more often started by misunderstanding another nation’s resolve than by saber rattling, especially post-WW2. That’s why North Korea invaded the South and why Saddam invaded Kuwait. They did not count on US intervention because we were vague on that point.