Natural ways to Lower Cholesterol ? Anyone know specific foods?

Ok my wife and I are pretty healthy people, we indulge on the occasional pizza, but overall we are quite healthy. But the other day Phlosphr came home from the doc having found out he’s got high cholesterol.

Granted it runs in my family genetically, but I thought I was fine. I have a fairly active lifestyle and don’t eat too much fatty stuffs. I’m 6’1" 220. I have a lot of upper body muscle - Big Pecs and Biceps… but I would not consider myself fat. I do not have a gut per se but a couple small handles…

I was wondering how to lower my cholesterol naturally. I have heard Lecithin (sp?) does the trick. But what else? Anyone know any good foods to lower cholesterol and possibly burn fat? I do not want a serious lifestle change, but I do want to be healthy…
I don’t smoke, but I do indulge in the sauce a bit…


My father claims he lowered his cholesterol naturally by eating more fiber. He has oatmeal every day for breakfast and drinks a large glass of Medamucil every night.

There seems to be at least a bit of science to back it up.

High fiber foods are good.

If you buy a package of oatmeal, you’ll see that they actually claim that their product helps to lower cholesterol.

Quaker was/is even using that to their advantage in their ads - having people say how many points their cholesterol went down when they started eating oatmeal.

And, of course, a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables, low in saturated/trans fats is always a good way to go.

Healthy fats (like olive oil, nuts, etc.) I think may also be advantageous. Perhaps not for cholesterol (my memory is foggy) but certainly for general health.

We are trying to incorporate more nuts and grains into our diets…I still eat cheerios for chrissake, I 'm 33. I have seen the ads for Quaker, and I think we have some in our cabinet somewhere. My diet is not exctly full of fiber right now… What are some high fiber foods? Besides Shredded wheat!

I don’t have a cite, but back when they first started touting oat bran as an excellent way to lower your cholesterol, (and I’m sure it is), this health magazine my ex was subscribed to claimed that the same weight of lentils would reduce your cholesterol 27 times more than oat bran. So that’s at least something you might want to look into. Perhaps someone of the teeming millions will know if this was an exaggerated claim. Or maybe has a delicious lentil based recipe. How about it?

High fiber foods -

beans (kidney, black, garbanzo, etc)
fruits and veggies (not all are high bananas aren’t, but many of them are, like apples and berries)
Whole grain foods (wheat bread isn’t necessarily - look for the words “whole grain” and “whole wheat” for example)

Here’s a link that may help:

I have heard there are two primary culprits responsible for increasing cholesterol:

  1. Saturated fat
  2. Cholesterol

Now you would think #2 would be more influential than #1. But (from what I’ve read) #1 is actually more important than #2.

So try cutting back on the saturated fat.

Soluble fiber is what does the trick, as opposed to insoluble fiber. Oat bran is high in soluble fiber, but so are a lot of whole grains. The product that is sold as a cholesterol adsorbent (I think it is called Chitosan) is made from chitin from shrimp shells, which is a polymer of N-acetylglucosamine.

Yes, olive oil, which is a monosaturated oil, helps lower cholesterol. And all the other stuff people have suggested.

Lots of foods may lower cholesterol. About two-thirds of people, however, cannot lower their cholesterol enough with dietary changes alone. If the problem is your liver makes too much cholesterol, this is hard to fix by eating a bit more bran.

If you want to help your heart, the evidence suggests a Mediterranean diet… fish three times a week, olive oil instead of butter and margarine, more vegetables, more poultry, less beef, less saturated fat.

There is a butter-like spread here called Becel that lowers cholesterol. Found a Canadian site, you can probably google something better

Kelloggs makes a cereal called “All Bran - Bran Buds” that’s loaded with psyllium. Lots of soluble fiber, closest thing to “Colon Blow” that there is. Tastes pretty good too, close to 50 percent of your fiber in one bowl. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Diets high in spam probably do not lower cholesterol. (Reported.)

And just how is the above post spam? :rolleyes:

The link in the post by Janef is the spam.

Another way to lower cholesterol, especially small LDL cholesterol, which is the part that’s really bad for you, is to eat less refined carbs, which appears to be the worst thing you can eat, besides trans fat* (FWIW, saturated fat raises large LDL, which isn’t bad, supported by studies like this one which show a reduced risk of CVD with high dairy consumption, which is very high in saturated fat (~2/3 of total fat) and raises LDL; similarly, this study found no link between CVD and red meat, but did find a strong link (42% increase in heart disease) for processed meat, including spam (the food kind).

*And even trans fat is only bad if it’s the partially hydrogenated vegetable oil kind (other forms naturally occur in beef and dairy and have benefits, including lower cholesterol, although the amounts probably don’t more than neutralize the effects of other fatty acids in meat/dairy, a lack of increase in CVD doesn’t mean that you can’t still decrease it by eating other foods).

Of course, I note that this thread is 10 years old and research has progressed since then.

Dietary cholesterol plays only a small role because most of your cholesterol is made in the liver based upon primarily the types of fats you ingest. The posts here cover most of what you should consider, but also consider niacin in pill form (OTC) to lower your LDL.

Garlic has been shown consistently to lead to small but meaningful reductions in cholesterol.

For the record,using a BMI calculator you come out at 29, which is overweight verging on obese:

BMI Weight Status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 - 24.9 Normal
25 - 29.9 Overweight
30.0 & Above Obese

Now I know BMI is not a perfect tool, but the indications are not good.

In my case dietary changes had close to zero effect on my high cholesterol, whereas statins (Crestor 10mg) have taken it from way high into the normal zone in 6 months.