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This was inspired by the “Taking to Task” thread.

I’ve always disliked the use of sexual words to express hate, disgust, anger, etc. I’ve never understood the popularity of saying that something bad “sucks.” In my personal experience, giving or receiving suction has been an overwhelmingly pleasurable event. I never liked “fuck you” or “get fucked” either. Even when it is not strictly lovemaking, “fucking” should, at the very least, be fun or profitable for all parties concerned(who of course are consenting adults). If you mean rape, say “rape.” And that should be reserved for very extreme cases, as in “Rape you, Hitler.” As far as “jerking off” in reference to goofing off or engaging in pointless activities, OK, I can see that. But the hateful stuff I don’t get. If you are really mad at me, tell me to consume excrement or take residence in Hades. That I get. But don’t start your insult with “kiss…,suck…,or fuck…” We both might end up liking it.

Man, it feels good to rant. It doesn’t suck, but it feels pretty good.

Carl Sagan had an interesting theory on the origon of “fuck you.”

Primates use sexual submissive/dominate posturing in displays of rank. Lower-status monkeys may kiss the inside of the alpha’s thigh. The alpha may “hump” a lower-stautus group member, regardless of sex.

When we say “fuck you” we’re possibly trying to dominate the other party in the same way.

Good theory. Now, let’s evolve.

Cecil’s story on the origin of “fuck” as a word of violence and displeasure is quite enlightening. I’m too lazy to look it up now, but “fuck” probably comes from “ficken” meaning “to hit” Just as, in modern parlance, some men (certainly not I) may say “I’d like to hit THAT” meaning “I’d like to have sex with her.”

In response to TennHippie, I also think that sexual violence should rightfully be met with abhorrance and displeasure. I appreciate your response to my inappropriate post. I probably would have felt the same way had someone written it, and may have even said something. But that IS the point in using shocking and offensive language; it is to shock and offend. I will not defend what I said, it was inappropriate and deserved exactly the kind of response that you gave it. I said it with the purpose of getting the kind of response you gave.

Jason R Remy

“Open mindedness is not the same thing as empty mindedness.”
– John Dewey Democracy and Education (1916)

Yes, by all means, let’s find ways to make our profanity and insults less profane and insulting!

The reason things “suck,” TH, is because, more specifically, they “suck cocks,” or “suck dicks,” and do so involuntarily. It’s usually an implied action, as in, “That sucks (my dick).” The focus isn’t on the suckee, it’s on the sucker.

I never thought about those insults in a sexual way. When you say something like “that sucks” the last thing on my mind is a blowjob. Parasites suck, and they have never aroused me sexually in any way, shape, or form. I kind of thought thats what that meant… an ugly little bloodsucking pest that is annoying beyond belief. In other words, thats not good.

First let me say, Tenn, that the following cracked me up:

Thanks for the early-morning gigglefest! :slight_smile:

I’ve also never thought that sucking had a sexual connotation. I thought it originated with the phrase: “Go suck an egg.”

Most common question I ask: “What?”
Most common question I get: “Are you really hearing impaired?”

pldennison: “The focus…is on the sucker.” My point exactly. When my penis is being sucked on, I feel some combination of love, lust, gratitude, or delight towards the sucker. Never hate, anger, or disgust. I do not intend to make profanity less profane. I simply mean what I say and say what I mean. If you suck, you’re OK by me!

Being gay and knowing how delightful people who suck truly are, I have started to refer to unpleasant things by saying “That bites,” “That bites hard,” or at least “That sucks and not in a good way, either”.

A “gigglefest” here in the pit?

Over a “rant” designed as a thinly-veiled excuse to say “fuck you” all the while proclaiming a “dislike” for sexual words used as insults. Some rant.

This forum has become the Bizzaro world of the SDMB.

Okay, fine. Why don’t you just go outside and play hide-and-go-fuck-yourself?
I gotta admit that one has a nice ring to it.

Actually, that one implies a compliment, if you think about it.

Damn, I wish I’d thought of saying this when I get sent to the office in 9th grade for saying the lesson “sucked”. :wink:

i believe it was lenny bruce who commented that he was accused of toilet humour but a toilet is not dirty just what people put into it. in george carlin’s 7 words you can’t say on tv george says their just words and he drops the word kill for the word f-ck.


Why didn’t anyone come looking for me?

Hey Gary,

You’re about 4 inches to the left of a lucent thought there buddy. Next time, organize your ideas into whole sentances. Remember, one idea to a sentance; group like ideas into paragraphs. It’ll come a lot easier with practice. Once we overcome your fear of coherant conversation, we’ll tackle you feelings towards capital letters. Punctuation may be a lost cause at this point.

Jason R Remy

“Open mindedness is not the same thing as empty mindedness.”
– John Dewey Democracy and Education (1916)

James Joyce, John Lennon and Prince don’t use capitols or punctuation. Dunt make fun of my english-Ricky Ricardo


gary said:

well, I’m just guessing here, but I bet they used a dictionary.

Hey, Hippie, I suck… :slight_smile:


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Hey trisha, I gleefully kiss your ass.

Fuck You Very Much,