Nava, I can't let this go

I tried, really. I walked around after reading your post (#5) in this thread, got some coffee, whatever. But your choice of words rankles me.

Fun? Watching the Americans in the aftermath of 9/11 was fun??!!

Could you explain how, please? And also explain why you chose to put that in a thread devoted to remembering a tragedy like that?

I’d like to join in. I was entering that thread to say “We should put it behind us now and move forward” and I was half-afraid that would be callous.

Nava, that was heartless and I can’t understand why you would think that would be OK. Is it OK for me to rip Spain now? Say how funny it is that they get all excited by ______? Maybe you forgot how many of your friends on this board are Americans.

Your comment annoyed me more than it would from others because I like you, and thought you were a fairly decent person. Your choice of words got under my skin, too.

It was fun in a black humor kind of way, yes. I chose that word because it’s the one that fits.

Watching the towers fall, like I said, hurt. Our hearts went to you. Corporate asked people to donate money to help the victims and said they’d list which factories donated how much; my factory asked to please make the donations anonimous because it goes against our culture to put names on donations. We donated. We gave blood. We were pissed when our firemen and rescue dogs were rejected by your government. One of the rejected firemen happened to be a maintenance guy in my factory.

But really, there was a lot of over reaction, and yes, watching that was kind of fun. In, like I said, a black humor and lots of rolleyes kind of way, and when it wasn’t offensive (apparently our firemen are a danger to America).

Yeah, when the Madrid bombing attacks happened I thought it was so funny watching all the Cockered Spaniards running around like chickens with their heads cut off :rolleyes:

Shitty choice of words, but y’all need to accept that there were many, many people in Europe and elsewhere who quietly thought “Well USA, now you know what it feels like”.

The fact the attacks were in New York was especially relevent in the UK… for years Irish terrorism was funded by from the bars and clubs of Irish New York, and little was done to stop it.

Then the USA start beating on nations for “sponsoring terrorism” and we’re like, “duh, that’s what we’ve been trying to say”. There was a real sense that the US was “reaping what they’d sown.”

Not a feeling I share… “fun” as in happiness doesn’t hit the mark, but it was morbidly interesting seeing the shock of a secure (complacent) population suddenly facing what we’ve faced for decades.

Lots of ETA money coming from the US, as well. Like I said, what we found funny, at least in my group of friends, family etc, wasn’t the bombs themselves… it was how your government was trying to circle the wagons and bungling it. We also find things like airport gates closed off by concrete blocks so it’s a pain to get in with luggage and about impossible to do it with a wheelchair a rolleye-trigger (see the one in DC).

And I get my share of rolleyes about the way the Madrid bombs were handled too. Not just the ones from Al Qaeda… any time there’s bombs in Spain outside of Navarra/Euskadi, there’s big wigs making speeches and flying down to look at the broken glass, but when it happens to us it’s, apparently, internal.

I get that. It’s still so far removed from fun that I can’t believe that anyone would come here and defend that choice of word, as Nava just did.

How much reaction is “over-reaction”, Nava?

I’m glad you thought it was fun, Nava. I can say for sure I don’t think it’s fun one bit that you have to mention that you’re from Spain in every one of your posts. I’m so sick and tired of hearing how Spain is so much better and how you are apparently from God’s country, but you know, I managed to keep my mouth shut and be polite about it.

I don’t see why I should bother anymore.

Refusing firemen, medical teams and blood that are being offered to you for free qualifies as over-reaction. It was over-reaction when the Russians did it, it was over-reaction when the Americans did it, and it would be over-reaction if Spain did it.

Refusing to let people drive home on their own penny is over-reaction.

Wow. I’ve generally enjoyed reading Nava’s posts until now. “Morbidly interesting” strikes me as understandable as explained by e-logic, but “fun” I find despicable.

But it’s funny? The actions of our government, which many of us have said time and time again were over reactions, which we agree with you, makes you think that the suffering of the people is funny?

Cause that’s how your post came off, and every one of your justifications is pissing me off more and more.

Refusing aid when you don’t have the resources to manage and coordinate the aid, at a time when there is utter chaos everywhere, might not be the best decision but it is one that makes sense to me. There’s a world of difference between that action and the mis-management of, say Hurricane Katrina.

Ugh. I have to go to a meeting, but I trust full well that this thread will do just fine in my absence. Although, watching it is kind of fun…in a morbidly humorous way.

We really didn’t need the blood or even the medical teams.

I was just reading that other thread and had to read **Nava’s ** post a few times because I didn’t believe that someone had just said that. I feel sick to my stomach now after reading that. It’s one of the most hateful, nasty, sickening things I’ve read on this board.

I had a feeling we’d end up in The Pit over this.

Were you giggling like a lunatic when people were jumping from the burning towers because they were so deperate that the thought of falling to their deaths was better than burning alive?

Fuck you. You make me glad you’re in Spain, because we don’t need assholes like you here. We’re all stocked up as it is.

Americans were being turned away from blood donation centers on 9/11. We had too many of our own people donating, and too few people needing it. Our own medical teams were standing around waiting for the survivors that never showed up. The hospitals were posed to save people but they didn’t have the people to save. The people who were waiting in New Jersey hospitals to handle the overflow spent the day waiting. Really really really funny.

We had our own country giving enough aide. After the towers collapsed, there was no need for additional help.

Nava, you’d better explain your position better (I think I get what you are saying), because the pile-on’s a-coming.

Intractably smug Continental delights in pain and suffering of others while ignoring complete mediocrity of own post-fascist government, news at 11.

We didn’t need the blood and medical teams because there weren’t enough survivors to use them. Boy was THAT fun! :rolleyes:

Edit: I see Annie X-mas made the same point, but better.

I don’t know why that makes it any better. Just because Joe Schmoe and Jane Doe found out what it was like to burn and suffocate to death, what fucking conclusion do you draw? Goddamn, many people in Europe and elsewhere are barbarians, I reckon.

Some people I know who work in a NJ hospital went there and waited. They said it was the worst experience, waiting for people that never showed up. Waiting for survivors when there were none. It gradually dawned on them that the death count would be enormous.

I guess seeing the deaths of almot 3,000 people. seeing people jump from the top floors of the World Trade Centers was “fun” it you weren’t there. I call it utter fucking shit, but that’s just me. :eek: