Naval-oriented fantasy?

Most fantasy seems focused on events on land. There must be fantasy which has a group of intrepid souls exploring the Seven Seas (or whatever how many on a given world), so I hereby humbly ask for recommendations.

Towing Jehovah by James Morrow has most of its plot take place on a ship at sea.

I cannot vouch for their quality, but Robin Hobb wrote a series about ships made of living wood. Liveship Traders or something similar.

Also there was a pretty good book I read a few years back, “Voyage of the Shadowmoon,” although I cannot recall the author and am not inclined to look it up right now.

( and how can you forget the Giants of Thomas Covenant?)

The Narnia book Voyage of the Dawn Treader largely takes place at sea.

The Temeraire series is basically Master and Commander with dragons.

Yep, and the trilogy was superb. It’s the central trilogy, in fact, in a trilogy of trilogies telling one overarching story. The other two are set on land, though.

Try “The Green Odyssey” by Phillip Jose Farmer. It’s set on dry land, but its basically about a ship voyaging on an ocean.

Here’s a url for some reviews:

Also, Tim Powers’ “On Stranger Tides”

Probably the best fantasy about pirates on the sea you’ll ever encounter …

Curses, Evil Captor! That was just the book I came in to mention.

China Mieville’s The Scar takes place in a floating city in a fantasy world, and includes naval battles, blimps, and so on.

Come on. You’re asking for it.

How about Sinbad? The Odyssey? Jason & The Argonauts?

Ursula K. LeGuin 's A Wizard of Earthsea . Earthsea consists of a lot of small islands and there’s a lot of travelling by boat in this first volume of four.
Added bonus - A magic school that actually sounds believable and a magic system with an underlying “physics” that actually makes sense!!! . JK Rowling please take note. Oh, too late.

Paul Kearney’s The Mark of Ran and it’s sequel. Well, especially the sequel, The Forsaken Earth.
Michael Stackpole’s Age of Discovery series, starting with Cartomancy.
Chris Bunch had a great ‘fantasy pirates’ book a few years ago called Corsiar

Midshipwizard Halcyon Blyth by James M. Ward is better than you’d assume from the title!

I’ll second VCO3’s suggestion of The Scar. I’m not really a fantasy fan but it’s very good (although best read after his first, and even better, book in the same series, Perdido Street Station).

A good chunk of William Hope Hodgson’s output is fantasy/horror that takes place at sea.

The Lees of Laughter’s End by Steven Erikson (it’s a novella in the Malazan setting, but not part of the main Book of the Fallen series)

Robert E. Howard did a bunch of short stories set at sea–his “Cormac Mac Art” character was his main output in this vein.

The Black Wheel by A. Merritt and Hannes Bok.

The Ship of Ishtar by A. Merritt.

There’s also any number of other miscellaneous short stories by various authors.

Thanks all-got some good recs which I shall look into.

… and we should never forget Omphalos of Gor

I’ll second LeGuin’s Earthsea stuff. Good fantasy, besides.

The OP didn’t specifically mention books, so I’ll nominate the cartoon series Pirates of Darkwater.