Navient unsubsidized a loan. What can I do?

I have two student loans. Both with Navient, but one under the Department of Education. The DoE loan was subsidized and both loans were under a repayment plan.
A couple of months ago, I went from roughly $65 per month for each loan, to around $200 or so. Also, both loans now said unsubsidized. I’m filing for a new repayment plan, but twice I’ve told them that the DoE loan was subsidized, but when they get back to me I’m told that that loan never was. This is bullshit, but I can’t find any documents, on-line or paper for proof. Is there anything I can do, or at least try? Or am I screwed?

Other people having problems with Navient, and a report on Navient from the College Investor website.

How long have you been in repayment? Does your school financial aid office have copies of anything?

If you are really stuck with anything connected to a government agency and have run out of the normal options, try your Senator or Congressperson. Their offices have staffers whose entire job is to assist people in unscrambling problems with Federal agencies.

Several states have filed lawsuits against Navient but the current administration is attempting to block them on behalf of the lenders.

You should check with your state AG to see if they are part of the lawsuit.