Nazir Ahmed and other ignorant fucks of his ilk

I know I know…honor killings are part of their ‘culture’ and all that. We should be open to other cultures, should try not to judge them by our own and make allowances and all that. A teenage girl who supposedly slept with another man…thats bad enough. But to ALSO kill your 8, 7 AND 4 year old daughter as well? W…T…F…??? :frowning: When I read this article I was heart sick…for the little girls who died in terror. For their mother who had to watch this fuck wad murder them…and then have to sit there with their bodies for the rest of the night. I’m simply beside myself with fury and sadness over this. I wish to a god I don’t believe in that I could be put in a room with this fucking maniac for a few hours…

Here is the full story for anyone who doesn’t have a clue what I’m talking about:

I’m no big fan of capital punishment but I hope to hell they string this fuck up…AND that the hanging is unsuccessful, i.e. his neck doesn’t break and he dies slowly.


Sorry, she was 25…not a teen. I mistyped that. My bad.


The worst part about the whole thing: that he killed the 3 younger daughters because he was afraid they might do the same thing oneday.\


If they had a lottery, where the winner gets to be in that room, I’d buy some tickets too.

Who the fuck says this? Who fucking says that we should regard honor killings with tolerance or that we “shouldn’t judge” other cultures? I’m so sick of hearing this fucking conservative strawman. It’s a complete crock of shit. Nobody holds this attitude.

The guy in the linked story is a psychopathic, worthless piece of shit, Did you think anyone was going to disagree with you?

Get your head out of your ass DtC…I’ve been hearing this kind of thing all my life. LONG before I came on this board. I didn’t say it was unique to this board.

As for conservative strawman…fuck you. I’m NOT a fucking conservative, and its not a fucking strawman.

No, I didn’t expect anyone too disagree with me. I came here to vent about a truely vile person and event…not get a bunch of shit about my supposedly conservative strawmen. I EXPECTED just about everyone on this board to be equally outraged. The one guy who probably won’t have been is long gone now…but his post was his cite.


Oh yeah…and Merry Christmas DtC. AND Happy New year! :stuck_out_tongue: (sorry about the above…you got on the last nerve I had today)


I don’t know of anyone, not even the most diehard multiculturalist, who would say we shouldn’t judge practices like revenge killing. It really didn’t make any sense to reference that point of view in your OP. That was a caricature of multiculturalism that only an extreme nutjob would promote. Better to just admit an error and move on, XT.

He didn’t call you a conservative, XT. And what you posted is a strawman used by some conservatives, even if you’re not one.

I wasn’t even talking about the board. I’m saying that fucking NOBODY holds those attitudes. On or off the board. It’s not a real ideology, position or philosophy.

The only time I’ve ever heard this strawman is from conservatives trying to misrepresent liberals and it IS a strawman. Show me ANYBODY ANYWHERE who thinks that way in such absolute terms.

No, I didn’t expect anyone too disagree with me. I came here to vent about a truely vile person and event…not get a bunch of shit about my supposedly conservative strawmen. I EXPECTED just about everyone on this board to be equally outraged. The one guy who probably won’t have been is long gone now…but his post was his cite.

I doubt even Aldebaran would have defended this guy. “Honor killings” are cultural, not religious.

The voices in your head don’t count.

Merry Christmas back at you, XT, and ditto on the apology. John Mace’s post said what I wanted to say better than either of mine did.

Then I was wrong. Could we move on? This guy is truely vile…and infinitely pit worthy IMHO.

Never heard that one myself. I HAVE heard people for most of my life telling me exactly what I said. Granted they weren’t talking about Honor Killings so maybe thats where its a strawman.

I’ve heard all my life that other cultures should be respected whether or not we agree with them…even if they do distasteful things. I remember a conversation years ago about female circumcisions, and how I had to be understanding and not look down on them because its just another culture, etc etc.

If you thought it was a strawman then lets just move on. I didn’t mean it to be a hit on anyone and probably shouldn’t have even put it in there in rhetrospect.

Probably not even him, no. Though he might have twisted my OP into some kind of anti-American screed of his own given half a chance.


I was wondering when this thread was going to happen. What a sad, totally disgusting story. I don’t know if I should scream, puke or sob.

Fifteen or twenty years ago a Mexican man named Ramon Salcedo thought his American wife was cheating on him so he killed her, her boss, a couple of her coworkers, and slit the throats of their three young daughters. I think the oldest one might have been four years old. Everyone died except one of the daughters. Ramon fled to Mexico and was apprehended shortly afterward. A reporter asked the admittedly lame question, “Are you sorry you did it?” and his answer was, “Not really.”

The point being, that really stupid and consciousless people do horrible things and don’t regret it. I don’t think it’s fair to blame American or Mexican culture for Salcedo’s crime spree.

I hoped to find a link about the Ramon Salcedo story, but his crimes were before the advent of the internet and apparently not sensational enough to be on the internet now, which is pretty hard to believe. If I remember correctly, his wife was an aspiring model and one of the fashion magazines did a long article about how she ended up with this jerk. Anybody remember?

On the plus side, I’m pretty sure he was executed already.

Since honor killing actually is a cultural artifact of Pakistan, we might ask ourselves why Pakistan is our ally. And why the hell is Saudi Arabia our ally? The mind boggles.

History and neccessity make whores of all nations. - Smiling Bandit

I don’t even think Pakistan and Pakistanis support this particular action. Granted, the culture that supports honor killings permits mass murders such as this. And also granted that this is merely worse in quantity and not quality.

But I’d wager that the idea that killing three very young girls because they might, one day, become sexually active, makes even most conservative Pakistanis :rolleyes:.

Right. The one positive here is that this crime is so sick it might help end the practice.

This is little more than a cultural explanation for a family anihilator. The twinkie defense did not work here, and I hope it does not work there.

Something like 2,500 women are killed in the United States every year by their partners. That’s about six a day. About 1500 children are murdered by abusive parent-figures every year. That’s about four a day.

Can you imagine what the Pit would be like if we cared as much about violence against women and children in this country as we do about violence against women and children in a country 5,000 miles away?

Or about the even greater number of men murdered in general.