Nba 2014-2015

The 2014 Playoffs are done. So let’s get the new season started with a new thread. It’s a little early, but a lot of stuff’s happened already:

Lebron’s back in Cleveland, in case you’ve been under a rock the last month.

Carmelo, Dirk, and Bosh stayed put.

Paul Pierce is a Wizard.

Kevin Love is still hanging out there.

Oh, and Paul George is done. I haven’t seen the replay, and I’m not going to link to one (I’m sure you should have no trouble finding the video if you want to see it), but it’s been near-universally described as “gruesome.” So much for the Pacers this year…

Looks like its going to be a two team race again in the East. If Rose is healthy, then Chicago’s got a good chance to be the #1 or #2 vs. Cleveland. With Paul George gone for probably the year, and no more Lance Stephenson, I wonder how good Indy can be. Their ceiling seems to be probably a low seed like #6-8. Who’s going to score on that team now? Who can even create their own shot?

I’m not thrilled my Lakers got Carlos Boozer, but at least it was for cheap. We’re not doing anything this year so all I’m really looking forward to is seeing how good Kobe will be and how many games Nash can stay on the court for. Plus Linsanity is in LA!!

This is the first year in a long time that I’ve been able to say I’m really curious about the development of a lot of the rookies. Lakers got a top 10 pick for the first time in a while and all of the top 10 in this draft have really high ceilings going by what people have been saying. A few of them have gotta be a bust right? I mean just statistically there’s going to be a few Olowokandi’s in there!? I hope its Marcus Smart, take that Boston!!

I really wonder how good Phoenix will be in a few years with all of that young talent. They’re probably not missing the playoffs this year but then again, who in the West is not going to make it?

Aaaand there it is. Kevin Love to the Cavs for Wiggins, Bennett, and a protected 2015 1st round pick.