NBA lockout = end of an era?

Shaq, Duncan, Kidd, Garnett, Ray Allen, T-mac, Kurt Thomas, Jermaine O’neal, Brad Miller, Grant Hill, Nash, Ben Wallace, Antonio McDyes, Juwan Howard, Marcus Camby… etc. I fear if we lose the NBA for a whole year most of this guys are just going to call it quits. I know players retire all the time, but losing a whole year might push a lot of borderline cases into leaving early. Someone like Nash could be a solid contributor for many years still, but he could easily call it quits because he feels his window of opportunity just passed him by.

NBA is the dullest most individualistic team league in the world. If it went away
It wouldn’t be much of a loss.

I don’t think any league wants to lose an entire year, they can ask the NHL about that. The NBA players spend too much money to take a year off.

Stop threadshitting.

Yeah, this isn’t like the NHL lockout where the owners were looking for a complete overhaul of the salary structure. The NBA owners just want some concessions from the players, which they might not be willing to give, but will probably compromise after a few missed paychecks. They aren’t talking about eliminating guaranteed contracts or contraction or anything.

Seriously. You threadshit a lot lately.

Threadshitting doesn’t make the Cubs any better.

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Am I the only one having trouble imagining this headline? “End of an era: Jermaine O’Neal retires.”

It stands to reason that some guys who would play in 2011-12 would retire if there were no season, but I think they’ll play. The biggest names in the OP are not at retirement age (barring injuries) and the rest are not exactly epochal guys. I don’t think anyone’s ever going to sit down and tell their kids about the days of Brad Miller or the Juwan Howard era. I could see some of the older guys on that list retiring if there’s an extended lockout. Kurt Thomas is 38 but still contributes for the Bulls. Grant Hill is 37. Shaq is the oldest player in the league, believe it or not, but he says he wants to play one more year after this one. So if there were no season, he might call it quits - but even if they didn’t, he would want to have a big retirement tour. Duncan and Garnett will turn 35 this spring and I doubt either of them is ready to hang it up. They both seem fairly healthy at this point. McGrady is going on 32 but he’s been in decline for years and he’s now a role player on a bad team. I wouldn’t be surprised if he retires anyway. It’s too bad, but it happens.