NBA & NHL Playoff predictions

Who is going to win? My championship predictions:
Indiana Pacers beat Portland in 6 games. Buffalo Sabres beat Dallas in 7.

Larry Bird knows how to win. The NY Nicks? Can’t root for a team with Sprewell. Dallas? A Texas team win a hockey championship? Not!

The Utah Jazz.

Oh wait, never mind. :frowning:


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Sabres. In six. Of course, I’m biased.

Go Blazers!

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Ummm, sorry I’m not usually like that. But here in Denver , we want another national title. Any other cities won 2 or more championships in the same year?

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New York had the Jets win the '69 Super Bowl, the Mets won the '69 World Series and the Knicks won thw '69-'70 NBA championship. That’s 3 in one year, technically. Or is it?

Anyway I just wanted to register my extreme disappointment with Patrick Ewing’s injury. He has had the worst luck the last few years, he didn’t deserve this too.

I predict that soon I will become aware, with exasperated astonishment, that the NHL post-season is STILL going on, and will wonder to myself just how goddam long is the NHL season, what is it about 10 freakin’ months and holy Jesus who the hell watches this sorry excuse for entertainment anyway and oh never mind.

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Way to go Karl Malone!!!

Ya hear that George?


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The Jets won the 68-69 Superbowl, so I say it is 3 champs in two years.

Azraek, “Any other cities won 2 or more championships in the same year?”
Los Angeles
1987-88 LA Lakers, 88 Dodgers
1984-85 LA Lakers, 84-85 LA Raiders (The Reagan years were good for LA).

1979 Pirates, 1979-80 Steelers, (Steelers won in 1980-81, also).

New York
1968-69 Jets, 1969 Mets, 1969-70 NY Nicks

However, LA and NY usually have two teams in each of the sports (Dodgers and Angels, Raiders and Rams, Mets and Yankees, Islanders and Rangers,…), while the other cities usually only have one team per sport, like Pittsburgh does. So, the Pittsburgh double championship is the most impressive.

My hockey prediction could still come through, but I need to completely revise my basketball prediction:

San Antonio over NY 4-2
Buffalo over Dallas 4-3

So, the Spurs and the Knicks…

Have there been any other times in which the teams in any particular championship were both named after something you wear on your legs?

Reds & Red Sox
1976 (?) World Series

I guess it might not count as the Reds were originally the Red Stockings, but aren’t anymore. The Reds were known as the “Red Legs” during the McCarthy years, though…

shiner bock

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Texas could win them both. I can’t believe a Dallas team is the hockey champion.

You mean The Team Formerly Known as The Minnesota North Stars? Amazing how teams from dyed-in-the-wool hockey towns like Minneapolis and Quebec City have to move to towns like Dallas and Denver to make money!

By the way, at one time more than half the teams in the NHL were in Canada. Now there’s only 6 Canadian teams and 21 US teams. And yet, how many NHL players were actually born in the US? Practically none!

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Dallas and San Antonio!!!


NHL and NBA playoff predictions:

Given the state of affairs in these two leagues, I predict that all teams will make the playoffs, and that they will still be going when the next season starts.