Apparently html is not decoded in the thread title.

Thanks, Trump.

What is the super-seekrit coded message?

If you hit “reply” to his post and then hit the speech bubble, you’ll see he wrote “ ” twice, same as the thread title, which is code for “nonbreaking space”.

Aha! That’s what that means when editing Wikipedia!

So we’ve gotten an alien message from the inhabitants of nonbreaking space?

Well, I’m not saying it’s aliens, but…

This is a useful thing to stick into your posts in a few situations:

  1. You quote the immediately previous post in its entirety, and you want Discorse to not remove the quote. Users here have figured out that if you change even one character in the quote, then Discourse will leave it alone. Many users have taken to adding a single punctuation mark at the end of a quote. But you can use   to accomplish the same thing without anything visible appearing.

  2. You want to make a brief post (like just “nm”) and need to add stuff to pad it out to 5 characters or whatever Discourse wants.   accomplishes this too.

Also, if you put an emoji on a line by itself you get a huge one:


Add a   to get a small one.