Ncaa fbs q: Sec bcs?

What scenarios get us an all SEC BCS Champ game?

Hopefully none.

Hopefully none.

I’ll third that “hopefully none.”

As far as I’m concerned, Alabama shouldn’t rate any higher than the other top notch teams (Stanford, OK State, Wisconsin, Boise St, etc.) and Alabama has already had its shot at LSU. I don’t need to see them play again.

Can the OP explain why a team that didn’t even win its own conference should have a shot at the national championship?

There is precedent-in 1996 Florida lost to FSU in their annual matchup, but all the other contenders stumbled down the stretch, and the Gators were the ‘Noles’ only arguably viable opponent left.

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, people don’t like the BCS, hard to have a solution that satisfies everyone, etc.

That said, could you explain what the thought process is that says a team that loses in back to back weeks to Ohio State and Michigan State or a team that loses by 23 to another team that the #1 team beat is more worthy of a chance at a championship than a team that’s only lost once, to the #1 team, by 3 points in overtime?


I’m simply asking what situation would make it happen.

BCS is screwed up. I want it gone. Or, at least, changed. Remember the three way in the Big XII. Remember Colorado not winning the Big XII but going to the game. Remember any other set of scenarios that happened in your conferences that show how messed up BCS is. And tell me what plausible scenarios could get us an all SEC BCS Championship. I need to rail against the BCS this year like I do every year.

Arkansas v LSU is going to be the deciding factor, if everyone else holds serve. If LSU wins, and wins the SEC Championship, then I think we may see LSU v Bama II (Electric Boogaloo) in the BCS game. If Arkansas beats LSU then we’ve got a mess. Whoever wins the SEC gets a spot, and then who knows…OK v OK State winner and Stanford draw straws for the other spot I guess.

If Oklahoma State loses to Oklahoma, it’s going to be all-SEC, regardless of whether Arkansas beats LSU. LSU simply has too good of a resume to fall out of the top 2. How can a team like Stanford argue when LSU beat Oregon and Oregon beat Stanford?

If Oklahoma State wins, they probably get in. They would be a conference champion, with only 1 loss on the road in overtime, and they already have a higher computer ranking than Alabama, which will only get better if they beat Oklahoma.

That was pre-BCS. Arizona State was undefeated, but had to play in the Rose Bowl (where they lost, meaning Florida, with a blowout victory over FSU was crowned champions.) Up until 1998 the national champion was someone voted on by the media, not the winner of one specific game.

Nowadays I think we have to make an effort to get the two most deserving teams in the game. I think Alabama is better than Oklahoma State, but if the Cowboys win out, they are far more deserving of a title game slot than Bama. Even Stanford and Virginia Tech should go ahead of Bama, although I would hate to put Va Tech in their and reward them for their horrendous scheduling.

The thought process was that I was at fault for not knowing everyone’s up to date records. I didn’t realize Wisconsin had two losses. I apologize. Forgive me.

Can you explain the thought process by which Alabama, having had a chance to beat LSU, should get another chance over any other one-loss team? Boise State and OK State each a stronger SOS than Alabama, so why shouldn’t they get one shot at the LSU Tigers? Why should the Tide get two chances?

SOS Cite

OkSU may have a better SOS, but Boise certainly does not.

Sagarin has Bama 24th, Boise 45th
Colley has Bama 23rd, Boise 50th.
Anderson/Hester has Bama 15th, Boise 49th.
Massey has Bama #5, Boise #51

If Bama beats LSU in the rematch, will there be a split title, assuming they cannot do best two out of three?

Flip it around a bit. Hypothetically, what if Oregon had beaten USC on Saturday, jumped to the top of the one loss teams at #2, and then went on to decisively win the PAC 10. Would you say the Ducks shouldn’t play LSU because they already lost to them?

There is no such thing as a split title anymore. The team that wins the BCS championship game is the national champion. Since all the BCS conferences (and I believe all the other FBS conferences, but I could be wrong) have signed onto the BCS system, it is the official championship game. The AP poll currently holds no more weight than a poll I could do with a bunch of my buddies.

Yes I would. In that scenario Oregon wouldn’t be entitled to a championship rematch either. I’d let undefeated, no respect, no defense Houston have its shot before I’d let Alabama or Oregon get another crack at LSU. I’d give the Big 10, “Big 12” and/or Pac-12 champs a shot at the title before I’d give Alabama another chance. They had their chance, they lost it when they lost to LSU in OT. That game should have consequences to Alabama. There shouldn’t be any do-overs in college football.

I’m kind of hoping that Arkansas beats LSU and then Georgia wins the SEC title game.

If the system for selecting the two best teams determines that they are two teams that have already played each other, they should still play in the championship game. The regular season (and conference championship games) are just to provide information as to who those two best teams are, not to eliminate possible match ups.

ZamboniRacer, extending that logic, if a team wants to maximize it chances of playing the BCS game, they should never schedule a team that has a realistic chance of being in the BCS game.

I don’t want to see a rematch either. But I do think Bama and LSU are the best two teams in the country right now.

Stanford, Oregon, Okie State, Oklahoma, Boise have all had their chances. And they have each lost in the last 2 weeks. (and one could say that was their playoff).

Agreed. Also, if we were to go to a playoff system rematches would happen all the time like they do in the NFL. Green Bay lost to Atlanta in the regular season, but beat the Falcons in the playoffs before going on to win the championship. Nobody in their right mind was advocating that the Packers shouldn’t play in the divisional round playoff because Atlanta had already beat them.