NCAA Men’s Basketball 2021-2022

College basketball season has started and the first month of the season is always interesting until conference play starts
I’m watching Georgetown vs American University. Georgetown was the first team I really followed back in the 1980s and I finally got to see them play in person in 2019.

It’s a nice warmup for BYU vs Oregon later tonight.

BYU absolutely crushing #12 Oregon wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

It’s early, but the Florida Gators are off to a good start (3-0) and are now in the top 25. Hopefully Coach White doesn’t bungle their tournament chances like last year when he decided to drastically slow the game down with only a 10-point lead and still 10 minutes to go against fucking Oral Roberts. It should have been a very easy game to win to advance to the sweet 16.

Arizona looking dominant over #4 Michigan, always had a soft spot for ‘Zona so I hope they keep it up.

FSU hoops seems determined to choke this game away against Boston University and I an not happy.

Duke-Gonzaga will be a marquee matchup this Friday, but the damn game doesn’t even start until 10:30 pm on the East Coast.

Wow, #4 Kansas knocked off at the buzzer by Daytona (currently the ninth ranked team in the Atlantic 10). Way to go Flyers!

Amazing and fun game between Gonzaga and Duke, with Duke winning 84-81.