2023 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Pool

Time once again for the annual NCAA men’s basketball tournament pool. Enter your brackets at ESPN.com or download the tournament app.

As always, our group name is SDMB Bracketeers and the password is cecil123. Limit of 3 brackets per player.

I suppose this can also be a general tournament discussion thread, although it’s fine with me if someone wants to start a separate thread for that.

Cool. Thanks, @Shoeless. I’ve entered.

It’s fun to see my UCSB Gauchos (Santa Barbara) in it, but I don’t think they’re going to go very far.

I’ll fill out my bracket tonight or tomorrow. I’ve been pretty busy, so I don’t think I’ll have time to perform a dice simulation of the tournament like I did the last couple years. The dice never seemed to be very accurate anyway.

I notice there is a Grand Canyon University playing Gonzaga in the first round. I assume that’s the same GCU I see TV ads for all the time? I had no idea they were a real school (much less had a basketball team) I thought they were just one of those online diploma mills.

I assume they are the same. Don’t most “online diploma mills” have at least some form of physical presence? My office literally shares a wall with what used to be a University of Phoenix “campus” location (and no, it’s not one of those places consisting solely of post office boxes that they call “suites”).

GCU is, in fact, the only for-profit school to participate in Division I athletics.

Joined. I think I want to add one more bracket before everything gets started.

Thanks @Shoeless!

My only prediction is that, as usual, anything can and probably will happen!

Lots of upsets! Just not the ones I picked.

Last call! Tournament starts for reals today, so get your brackets in while there’s still time.

Not in the SDMB pool, but I suspect Furman just ruined a lot of people’s brackets.

As Kramer famously said five minutes into The Contest, “Well, I’m out!”

That Furman finish — wow!

Yeah, i thought it was in the bag for Virginia, but that sloppy pass… :expressionless:

The poor kid. And he’s a good player too. And he had an open teammate in the backcourt about 25 feet away, too.

This will haunt him for some time.

Oh and I watched the Princeton upset too. That was fun.

So who’s the most likely upset winner today, VCU over St. Mary’s, Pitt over ISU or Providence over Kentucky?

Or all three?

Why oh why do I keep picking Arizona to go deep?! :pleading_face:

How about Kent State over Indiana?

And Kansas goes down… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: