2017 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Pool

Hey Doper basketball fans, it’s tournament time once again!

As I have for the last several years, I will be hosting a tournament pool on ESPN.com. Here is the link to this year’s tournament pool web page:

Group Name: SDMB Bracketeers
Password: cecil123

Up to 3 entries per player allowed.

Brackets to be announced later this afternoon.

Thanks Shoeless. I have little Winthrop going all…The…WAY!

Bumping… Get your picks in before the start of Thursday’s first game!
Is it just me, or is this year’s bracket harder to pick than usual?

The brackets looks well balanced. Expect upsets.

I entered my picks. Go Gators!

Baylor Bears. Sorry Winthrop Eagles.

I’ll throw mine in, even though I’m pretty sure it won’t do well (as an alum had to pick UCLA all the way, don’t think they’ll get past the Steve 16)

Pigs Fly! UC Davis Aggies beat NC Central, 67 - 63!

Next up, Kansas. Yessssssssssss!

I’m “ThatBuckyGuy”. Always fun to see how bad I can do.

i’m in! go zags!


I am in as Hubzilla82, I’ll stick around until my Jayhawks’ inevitable Rock Choke Jayhawk.

Hey, Miracle Mario’s shot in '08 made up for a lot of early exits.
At least we shouldn’t have trouble getting by a bunch of oenophiles…but you never know!

Last call! Brackets are locked in when the first game starts this morning.

I’ve learned my lesson. Don’t pick Kansas. Don’t pick Baylor. Don’t pick Michigan State. They always bust my brackets.

So what do I wind up with? A second round matchup with KU and MSU. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’m in!

Picking mostly chalk and also mostly randomly since I barely follow college basketball outside of the Big Ten and Xavier. So let’s see how this goes!

its a pussy heavy tourney this year; with 5 wildcats, 2 tigers, a catmount, and a bearcat! if #13 vermont can get its act together in the midwest, we can have an all big cat final 4!

here kitty kitty kitty


Looks like I picked the wrong 12-over-5 upset. Thanks Gophers! :mad:

After a day’s worth of games, I’m dead-ass last among SDMB Bracketeers. I only picked half of the games correctly. Fortunately the Gators advanced, and I’ll be the SDMB champion when Florida wins it all.

Aaand Maryland shits the bed. I knew it was going to happen but I picked them anyways.

So much for that bracket. Honestly, it wasn’t going that great until then anyways.

Kansas’s ball with 20 seconds left on the clock. Kansas doesn’t run out the clock, rather they shoot a three pointer and the crowd and announcers go wild.

Final score: #1 Kansas 100, #16 UC Davis 62

Real classy, guys.

It was the coach’s kid, who is a senior and usually doesn’t get to play until they put the scrubs in. It’s probably the only chance he’ll get to play in the tournament.