SDMB 2016 NCAA Tournament Pool

Tournament time is here again!

Once again we will be using the ESPN tournament site

Group Name: SDMB Bracketeers
Password: cecil123

There is a limit of 3 brackets per player.

And now for a little housekeeping. Last year, for some stupid reason I tried to change the name of our traditional tournament pool group from “SDMB Bracketeers” to “Straight Dope”, and wound up creating two different groups (and lots of confusion). I strongly encourage everyone to use the “SDMB Bracketeers” group this year.

The “Straight Dope” group is still out there, and I haven’t found a way to remove it, so I have changed the password on the group. If you submitted an entry in the “Straight Dope” group last year, I don’t know if the password change will prevent you from rejoining the group this year or not. If you are able to get into the “Straight Dope” group and submit a bracket, no big deal. I will keep an eye on both groups and will combine results if we wind up with entries in both.

Monday morning bump. I see we have a few entries already.


In. Thanks Shoeless!

I’m in. Someone has to come in last, and it will likely be me.

I think I might be the only one with 3 brackets, which mathematically guarantees my victory. Kneel, suckers.

I’m in!

I’m in. With three, gloriously, incompetently-chosen brackets:
Upsets Galore
Knorf’s Bone Head Picks
Knorf’s Pointless Guesses

Last chance to get your picks in!

I added a second bracket “Shoeless Big12 Homer” with all Big 12 teams in the Final Four.

I joined. Different username than the one I use here. It’s Obviousman08.

Third bracket goes in, right at the buzzer!

Three times the chances to bust my bracket:

Frosty’s Picks
Frosty’s Funky Foibles
Frosty’s Fabulous Follies

Let the games begin!

Ka-Ching! Thank you Butler Bulldogs.

Interesting that the spread on the Baylor/Yale game was only 5 1/2 pts.

I gotta quit picking Baylor to go deep in my brackets. They look tough during conference play then fold when they get to the tournament.

As with any year I go with the anybody but Kansas strategy.

_uck Kansas, by the way.

Agreed Shoeless. I had them going to the Sweet 16 :smack: I watched the game 2-day and Yale played a great game.

And I also had Purdue going to the Sweet 16. :smack::smack::smack: Man, did they blow that game, especially at the very end. I had to sink three Boilermakers to get over it.

Another year, another early Arizona exit. One year, I’m not going to bother picking them at all.

ETA: It just seems like they’re always one and done. They’re not, really.

Tell me about it Casey1505. Arizona got beat real good by a number 11 seed. On the other hand, I had (trumpets please) Providence!