SDMB Basketball Tournament Pool

It doesn’t look like anyone else has started a basketball tournament pool yet, so here we go.

I’ve created a group in the Yahoo! Tourney Pick’em. You will need a Yahoo ID in order to participate.


Click the “Join A Group” button. Enter group ID 188520, password is cecil123.

Brackets must be entered by Thursday!

I’m in! C’mon people, we need some more folks! There’s a coffee mug at stake here!


Been wondering when this would show up.

But let me warn you all – I’m not making my bracket this year. Instead, I used Excel and to create a perfectly weighted, randomized bracket. There is simply no way it can fail.

I’m in

I’m in. Same bracket name as my name here.


Just joined. Uh, not expecting much, let’s just put it that way.

I joined as well. I haven’t followed any college basketball this year, so I’m going off past reputation and rankings.

I’m in!

There’s still time to enter a bracket - or make last minute changes if you’re having second thoughts about any of your picks. Brackets are locked in at 11:15 CDT today.

I’m in. Go Spiders!

I’s be in but I really don’t want to create a yahoo account.

Historically, my picks have been spectacular in their badness, so maybe it’s just as well.

I’m in. NFM Dope Bracket

I forgot to put OSU in as national champ. Crap.

Doesn’t matter. The Nat’l Champion will be determine in the semifinal. Duke/UNC. Most likely Duke.


IIRC, many here at the SDMB (and elsewhere) was dissing the ACC last year at this time. All the ACC ever seems to do is win the NCAA Championship more often than any other conference




Butler beat Old Domino.

There goes my bracket, right into the crapper right off the bat!

Awww yeah…got Butler, got Vest Virginia – two for two, outta the gate. Told ya – The Excel Bracket is unstoppable!

…stupid Louisville.

Sucks for my bracket, but good no call.