2014 SDMB March Madness Tournament Pool: The Sequel (on ESPN)

Since enough people, including myself, grumbled about the intrusiveness of the signup process for the Yahoo! tournament pool, I’ve opened a new group on ESPN. To avoid confusion I am asking the mods to lock the previous thread.

Group Name: SDMB Bracketeers
Group ID: 540132
Password: cecil123 (lowercase - I got it right this time!)

I wanted to get the group set up so that people could get their brackets in. Once I’ve had a chance to get familiar with the ESPN setup I’ll post more details about scoring, etc.

OK, as far as I can tell, it looks like custom scoring is not an option in the ESPN pool. It looks like they have the following scoring in place:
[li]Round 2: 10 points per pick[/li][li]Round 3: 20 points per pick[/li][li]Round 4: 40 points per pick[/li][li]Round 5: 80 points per pick[/li][li]Round 6: 160 points per pick[/li][li]Championship: 320 points per pick[/li][/ul]

[del]I’m not finding the group.[/del]

This time I got it.

So should I do this pool in addition to the other one started by Frosted Glass?

The pool is set up to allow up to three brackets per person. Do we want to go single-bracket or submit up to the max?

I think the default on ESPN was actually unlimited brackets. I set it to three, which is what we’ve had over on Yahoo the last few years. I think most folks only submit one bracket anyway, but feel free to submit as many as you want up to the max.

Could you please post the link to the bracketeer’s group. I’m already in the SDMillionaires group. Won’t let me join another.

Link: http://games.espn.go.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2014/en/bracket

Also, it looks like brackets are locked at the start of the first game on Thursday.

ETA: Sorry, I see you were asking for a link to the group. See if this works.

Any particular bracket is limited to three groups. If you joined a couple public ESPN groups (say Mike and Mike), delete one of those groups and you should free up a slot.

In the group. Let the (real) games begin.

Fuck Yahoo with a rusty nail. If they keep this shit up, I’ll be pulling all of my fantasy games from there.

Thanks, Shoeless, for setting this up. Every league needs a doormat, and now I’m in. :cool:

Not pleased about this. I went through the annoying shit for the Yahoo one, and I don’t feel like trying to duplicate my brackets from there. I’m irritated that there is apparently not going to be any discussion for those who, like me, might not feel happy about making new brackets and doing the registration process all over again somewhere else.

I’m out, thanks but no thanks.

I’ll monitor the other one. No discussion here, since you closed that thread on the SDMB, but oh well. Sucks is all. I think the OP should just have either planned better (since Yahoo blows) or stuck to his guns.

And fuck, I made one anyway.

Still irritated! But whatever.

It’s March Madness!

Thank you! Yahoo is indeed terrible. I’ll miss my billion dollars with this perfect bracket, but like my privacy more.

Rock Choke Jayhawk, but hope springs eternal. Would also like to see my alma mater Nebraska go far, they had a fantastic season. And I didn’t even know NU had a basketball team.

Oak-You doing klahc (reverse chalk) this year? I believe you did last year amirite?

I’m happy because I’m stuck out of the U.S. until the summer. Yahoo only wanted U.S. area codes for the phone registration so I couldn’t join.

Don’t worry Oakminster, you’ll have me joining you at the bottom. Should be fun.

I don’t know what that means :confused::confused:

I do have Florida as my champion, cuz SEC.

Sorry Knorf and everyone else who’s been inconvenienced by the pool shuffling this year. I will admit to royally screwing things up this year. :smack:

The Yahoo group is still open for anyone who wants to add a bracket there, or already has one and doesn’t want to enter another one at ESPN. I’ll see if I can change the scoring in the Yahoo group to match ESPN’s, and will show brackets from both groups in the rankings. So if you have a bracket in the Yahoo group, you’re still in the game.

Oak-That means reverse chalk. IOW, picking all lower seeds.

Eh, no worries. I’m over it. Certainly not a big deal or anything.

Game on!