SDMB 2015 NCAA Tournament Pool

It’s tournament time again!

The SDMB pool will be on ESPN’s tournament site again this year. Here is the group info.

Group Name: Straight Dope
Password: cecil123

Limit of three entries per player.

I am not finding that group listed…am I doing something wrong?

I’ll take a look later this morning. I did change the name from last year’s group - maybe the name change didn’t stick.

OK fixed. Apparently I did not create a group for *this *year, I just changed the name on the group from *last *year. :smack:

Still not able to figure out how to join

I have one started on Yahoo’s site if that’s easier.

From the link in the OP, click the Groups tab and search on the group name, then click on the group name in the search results. That should take you to the group page where you can enter your bracket.

OK - I’m in! Hope we get a few more players!

Is the new name “SDMB Bracketeers”?

That was the old name. The new name is just “Straight Dope”.

Ah, got it. Actually it looks like both are available for 2015!

I’m in.

Haven’t watched near as much basketball as I usually do since Mizzou has had the worst season in the history of the program.

Ha! You’re right. And I see entries in both groups. OK, well I guess folks can add their bracket to whatever group they want, “Straight Dope” or “SDMB Bracketeers” (or both). The password is the same for either group.

If needed, I’ll either list rankings for both groups, or combine them, or… I don’t know. I’ll figure something out.
Y’know, one of these years I’m going to actually get this thing put together without screwing something up. :smack:

So, um, whadda we win?

Back in!

I just hit “rejoin” under Bracketeers, and it seemed to work (ESPN brackets under “Robert B”).

I’m in…I think.

I’m “Bo Knows Basketball”. Good luck all.

Hubzilla and 9-year-old daughter Anya representing! She had all the bird teams go far.

Well my bracket is complete. See y’all on the court.