NCAA Tourney: Pick 1 Upset

I pick Texas to lose in the 2nd Round. It doesn’t matter whether they play LSU or Purdue. Texas will lose on Sunday!

Your turn.

I like your pick.

Tulsa over Dayton in the 1st.

Penn over Okie St. in the 1st is also a good pick.

Creighton over Duke.

UConn makes it to the Final Four.

There will be many of course - there have NEVER been 4 #1 seeds in the final four, after all - but if I have to pick one…

Memphis over Kansas in round 2.


Gonzaga over Arizona.
IU takes it in the end. Show the world you don’t need the General!

I support this assertions, but I have a different take on its interpretation.

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! :smiley: It says pick 1 upset, not 6.