Why would they close your meaningful thread while I’m in the process of a respond… That would be something up your ladder to complain about, not giving warning of a closing. Topic at hand, Why only 5 mins to edit I’m just here because I hate wasting time and having the thread closed was a double whammy! So just a simple copy/paste…

Spell check, a pair of eyes (or is it two?), preview post, and even 5 minutes to edit and you couldn’t fix a couple words… Geez, they even underline misspelled words. If you go deep enough you might realize that you actually don’t care about the edit window and that you are upset with the internet. You need rehabilitation because there is no higher dosage of the internet. Trying to argue with every person who responds to you shows you like negative attention, that is a self/personal issue you need to work on.

You don’t care about the edit window, you just want to argue. Though one part of my post was your new word red herring, the other part suggested you find something you actually care about to argue about. This thread will only upset you more because you won’t change anything here.

BTW, I’m not decoying from the original post, you are… Also, the original post has no significance so the term red-herring would be incorrect, per wiki.

Now where is that preview post button?

Eh, he’s been banned already. Gotta move fast on these pittings.

Nevermind, he was also banned. Doesn’t mean he won’t be back with a 3rd or 4th name. He just wouldn’t respond directly which sucks. Poor fella just wanted attention and you guys ban him, WHY OH WHY! He was online trying to edit his post … when he realized it was too late. I can hear him saying in some threatening but pathetic voice, I’ll Be Back.

OK, he’s been banned, so according to policy, I’m gonna close this thread.