NCIS -- not a bad show

I’ve gotten into the habit of watching this, waiting for The Amazing Race – and I may continue watching it even though the TAR season is over. The plots are usually pretty good – sometimes “ew,” as it was last night, and sometimes merely interesting – Mark Harmon is very watchable – and the quirkiness (despite the Goth lab tech with the pigtails) is at a tolerable level. I gave up on CSI after one season because I couldn’t suspend my disbelief any more when it occurred to me that CSI’s wouldn’t be interrogating suspects. Perhaps because I have no clue about how the actual NCIS works, I don’t worry about that element as much in this show. Ignorance is bliss and all that.

Does anyone else watch?

I watch it intermittently, mostly because there’s nothing else on Tuesday that I want to watch and it IS in high definition.
But it strains my WSOD most of the time. I know a little bit about Army CID, and if NCIS is anything like that, this show is about 99% bullshit.

We watch it - my wife b/c Mark Harmon is ‘dreamy’ and me b/c I like Ducky’s character. Plus, I like catching the sometimes MASSIVE plot holes that seem to occur each week. There’s a storyline editor doing a piss-poor job on this show.

Regardless, its enjoyable mindless entertainment, which is more than I can say for TAR - I can’t stand that show (keep in mind that this comes from someone who watches the World Poker Tour religously, so its not like I have any taste when it comes to tv!).

I watch it and enjoy it, mostly. I don’t for one minute think it even approximates real life, but I have to give the producers props for ripping off TWO highly-rated shows at once! (JAG and CSI)

Another show I’ve been enjoying lately is Cold Case Files. This police procedural seems unusally intellegent. It probably won’t last.

I like how the characters interact. Like in last night’s show, Kate asked Gibbs what did Ducky look like when he was younger. “Illya Kuryakin” was the responce.

Now any show that gives a shout-out to The Man From U.N.C.L.E. is a show I’m going to watch!

I enjoy “NCIS,” and have watched it regularly since the first season (though I missed last night’s episode, because my new beau called right at 8pm). :slight_smile:

At first I tuned in for Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly (I loved him on “Dark Angel”), and also because I liked the idea of a military medical investigation show. I almost didn’t make it through the first season, though: the first few episodes had some pretty rough dialogue (not “rough” as in offensive, just as in bad), and I nearly gave up on the show. But now I’m glad I didn’t, and I like the style changes that were introduced this season (like the way each part of the show starts with a black-and-white still image from the end of that part). And I’ll repeat something I said in a previous NCIS thread: I’m so happy that they finally dropped the redundant “Navy” from the name of the show!


DiNozzo’s antics strain credulity (He would’ve been fired from any other organization years ago). Plus, every woman he hooks up with turns out to be a serial killer or a she-male or something.

Normally, I love any show about cops and corpses, but this one is really drifting away from the high mark set by Homicide: Life on the Streets.

We watch it every week. Compared to the rest of the season’s offerings, it’s pretty damn good. And we like the characters.

Yeah, I laughed – and thought, “Every viewer under the age of 50 is saying ‘WTF?’ right about now.”

I deleted from the OP about David McCallum being a major crush of mine in the '60s, and Mark Harmon in the '80s – and I’m delighted to see that they’re both still quite… well, worth watching.

Yeah, plot holes, coincidences – it really beats heck out of me why I can watch this and not CSI. (No it doesn’t. It’s the combination of David McCallum and Mark Harmon. Who am I trying to kid?)

BTW, speaking of last night’s show, I’ve got a question, and I’m not sure if it’s a plot hole or it’s something I missed while, er, out of the room (ugly stomach flu, I can’t believe I watched the show after the opening shot of Ducky with all those body parts). Anyway:

Did they ever explain what the psycho brother did after all his teeth got pulled out? Or for that matter, who did the pulling? Did he have dentures made or something?

As a viewer well under the age of 50, I can assure you that I did not say WTF at that moment.

However, I must admit that that was due to having read a Parade magazine interview with Mark Harmon in which reference was made to this connection, rather than me having any familiarity with the show.

Probably the single biggest reason that I started watching was the fact that its true “premier” was a two episode JAG story arc. I’ve continued because I enjoy the characters’ interactions, although I wish that Tony would grow up.

My parents really like it.

You whippersnapper! rattles walker menacingly

You know that NCIS is a spin-off of JAG, right?

Cold Case Files, on the other hand, is a rip-off of Cold Squad, a Canadian show.

I watched it once over break (was visiting a friend who has a TV), and found it entertaining. But while I don’t know enough to pick up on most of the impossible investigative magic, I did notice that the goth chick’s computer seemed to have a bit of an identity crisis. It appeared to be a Mac, and certainly had a Mac screen and keyboard, but when it failed (at the worst possible moment, of course), it gave a Blue Screen of Death, characteristic of a Microsoft OS. We didn’t get a good enough view to see what OS it was using when functioning properly, though.

… but the corgis were real cute…

The first time that I saw one of those still images, I thought, “Oh, no … are they going to keep on doing that?”

I bet those images will be stripped out in syndication to make room for extra commercials.