NCIS question: Do any of other characters' KNOW that Gibbs is a (omitted to avoid spoilage)

Yeah, I’m being hypersensitive. I hate being spoiled myself. Stop here if you’ve just begun watching the series.


Alrighty, that should be enough. In the CBS series NCIS, the main character, Leroy Gibbs, is a federal agent and ex-Marine who’s been married four times. All but one of the marriages ended in divorce; his first wife was murdered while he was serving in Iraq during the first Gulf War, along with their young daughter. The man responsible absconds to Mexico, whose government refused to extradite him. Upon learning this, Gibbs, a Marine sniper, hunted down and executed the murderer.

The above is revealed in a flashback. To my knowledge, Gibbs has never actually admitted what he did–though his best friend, Ducky, immediately put it together when he learned how Gibbs’ first wife and only child died, simply because Gibbs’s character and skillset made any other conclusion impossible. But I’m wondering: do any of the other characters actually KNOW that Gibbs is a murder?

I don’t know if they actually *know *it for sure, but they certainly wouldn’t put it beyond him to do it. He tends to scare the shit out of his staff.

Well, the psychologist on NCIS:LA knows. In reality, people would gossip and everyone would know. In the show though, I don’t think everyone knows. Even if they did know, they’d happily accept it was all justified.

I think his grizzled ex-partner in Mexico knows. And if Ziva hasn’t figured it out, I’m transferring my allegiance to Cuddy from House.

I’m sure that anyone who knows Gibbs well, and knows about the deaths of his wife and child, BELIEVES that Gibbs killed their murderer. As Ducky pointed out to Jenny, the simple fact that he is (a) not spending night and day hunting the guy down and is (b) Gibbs points that way. But I was wondering if he’s ever come out & admitted it to anyone, or if anyone’s ever said so based on more than conjecture.

I don’t think Tony or McGee would gossip about it, as both of them are simultaneously loyal to and terrified of Gibbs; and if McGee were foolish enough to bring the topic up with Tony, Tony would observe that this was something they had to maintain plausible deniability about. Ziva’s not terrified fo Gibbs, but she’s too canny to chat about it. I can imagine Ducky and Abby discussing it between themselves, and obviously Ducky thought that Jenny could be trusted with the information. None of them would say a word of it to the Rocky Carroll character.

I think the director’s knew, or atleast suspected it - very little doubt that Sheppard knew - the one shot NCIS LA charector (she was also a detective on that dsylexic CSI show) investigated it 18 years ago and then burried the report - calling it a justifiable kill or some such. It wasn’t until just recently (when he got blowed up) that the rest of the staff found out about the first wife (and their fates).

Abby would tell Leon in a heartbeat, if he pressed her. Both Leon and Hetty pretty much know everything though, or will immediately intuit it should the thought ever cross their minds.

In show, didn’t the hottie Brit CIA good/bad guy give Leon Gibb’s file, but Leon refused to actually read it?

Hahaha, yeah right.

Other way around - Gave Gibbs Vance’s file - and Gibbs never read it, although he was very close to reading it during the ‘boxing’ episode (where Vance’s friend from Chicago was killed).

I still think the implication from that episode is that Vance and the dead boxer switched roles/identities - that was heavily implied by the whole “cornea surgery” stuff toward the end.

ETA - McGee would also tell Vance if pressed - the only two on there I would trust to keep a secret would be Ducky and Daveed (sp?). Tony would never tell under pressure, but he’s well known for letting little ammo like that slip.

Duh! :smack: I completely forgot about Leon’s mysterious past stuff.

McGee of course would tell. Gibbs has said himself when McGee was under suspicion of having killed someone, “McGee doesn’t know how to lie.”

A pox on you!!! Abby would die before betraying Gibbs!

I think levdragon is thinking of how easily Gibbs got Abby to betray Jenny Shepherd’s confidence; that’s what I thought of when I read his/her remark. But, like you, I think that vulnerability to interrogation is specific to Gibbs–not only because Gibbs can break most anybody, but because Abby is at least 2/3rds in love with LJG.

Abby would rather die than betray Gibbs, or any of the team, but she’s as capable of pulling off a convincing lie as McGee. You couldn’t torture information out of her if you are a bad guy, but if you are someone she cares about, she could never convincingly lie to your face.

She also recognizes the ‘chain of command’ when it comes to NCIS and is loyal to the Forensics aspect of it - recognize her dilemna when Tony was framed for murder.

She wouldn’t betray Gibbs - but she would be honest with her answers.

Ziva wouldn’t give a shit, to her it would be a reasonably normal action. I am certain his ex partner knows, I am pretty sure Ducky knows. Everybody else is loyal enough that if they did find out, they would cover up the information and not discuss it.

I disagree. I think she would try to lie for Gibbs but, like lev and Skald point out, she wouldn’t be very good at it if someone she respected was doing the questioning.

Hmmm, I really need to get a life…

Wewll, we’re 8 seasons into it, and this question hasn’t been asked on the show, so hopefully soon.

We got season 1-6 for Christmas - we’re watching them in order - its pretty interesting how many things get threaded thru the seasons by the writers, and they seem to keep it pretty straight.

Yeah, Ziva would be taken aback if she found out Gibbs hadn’t hunted the guy down and killed him.

I don’t think Abby would lie for Gibbs in this instance, because if he were being investigated on this subject, and knew it, he would order and probably emotionally blackmail her into not lying. He wouldn’t allow her to risk her career, much less her freedom. That’s likely part of the reason he hasn’t come out and said it to any of them, but in particular Abby and Ducky.