Neat little YouTube hack

Thought you folks might be interested in this: It’s a way to enlarge a YouTube video to the width of your browser-window. (YouTube’s player has the “full-screen” button, but that’s often so big that it pixellates out.)

You take a YouTube URL, e.g.:[VIDEO CODE]
And change it to:[VIDEO CODE]
For example, this:
becomes this:
Essentially, you’re only loading the little Flash movie (or whatever it is), which automatically adjusts to the size of your browser. Cool, huh?

What"s the dance they are doing called?

Really fucking stupid?

Dunno man, been to the clubs lately? Seen some pretty stupid shit lately.

That is an awesome little hack. I thought I’d try cook up some javascript to do it and soon realised my javascript-fu is weak, so I looked it up and sure enough someone has had the same thought.


This works great in firefox at least. Just make a new bookmark, and paste that code as the location, and hey presto. Any youtube video you’re watching you just click that bookmark and it’ll redirect you to the fullscreen version.

Brilliant. Thanks for the tip, jackalope and Suda.