Necked Pizza Party

::::: runs around wiggling & jiggling :::::::::

I,ve ordered pizzas! Drinks are on me! Who,s got the movies?

Hmm. I’m suddenly glad I’m lactose intolerant. I’ve heard of weird stuff on pizza… but necked pizza?

[sub]Oh… you mean nekkid…[/sub]

Ah, Little Tassie, we meet again

That’s mighty nice of you to shout us drinks.

Chuck us over a Cascade Premium.

Cascade Premium comming right up!

::::: grabs some rum & coke and flops down on the couch ::::::

Another neckid pizza party? Well, I can never say no to a little pizza, so count me in!

The bar is open ya know!

::::: grabs more rum and coke, looks around, downs it :::::::::

What,ll it be blur?

I’ll have what your having!

Yet again, time to step out of the fur.

WOOOO! Hey, can I have a Five-Alive? I don’t do alcohol.

Hardygrrl’s in!

:::drops coat and sits down nekkid:::

Can someone grab me a raspberry stoli lemonade-I’m parched!

I’ll have a slice of cheese and a Coke no ice. Unless you have Mike’s Hard Lemonade…

I had to pop by because as we all know, wherever there be nekkid women, the Frog has to be there with his camcorder and Polaroid to record the event for posterity.

BTW, miss newbie Little Tassie, it’s pretty much common knowledge around here that all female newbies must email me a nekkid picture of themselves or face the consequences. I’m not just making this up you know, it’s the rules.

Now could someone hand me a slice of pepperoni and a Guinness? And where’s a good place to position my tripod?

That’s tripod for the camcorder, you pervs. Sheesh…

Right over there is fine.

:::::: strikes a pose for Mr Frog ::::::::::

How’s this?

A rum & coke for blur, five-alive for totoro, a raspberry stoli lemonade for hardygrrl, a slice of cheese and coke no ice for hypergirl.

Anything else?

Who’s got the movies?

I brought Goodfellas and Clerks on DVD.

Can I get a slice of cheese?

That’s great! Doesn’t it hurt to bend that way though? If I’d tried that, I’d cramp up in a heartbeat.

And hardygrrl, those are a couple of good movies you got there, but how about we watch these first?

::Crunchy Frog takes two videos out of a tote bag::

I’ve got Good Will Humping, Pulp Friction, and a compilation tape titled Naughty Knockers. What shall we watch first?

Lawd knows I loves me some nekked parties.

But I think I’ll pass on the pizza though. The last time I dropped hot melted cheese on my bare skin it left a mark.

I’m feeling a little reckless so I’ll have a Corona and a shot of Jose Ceurvo, please.


Here,s some cheese 4 you!!!

Doesn,t hurt at all, Mr Frog, feels quite nice!

:::::::: gets up on table and shakes that ass :::::::::

Pay no mind 2 me.

Put in a movie!

:::::: grabs some rum and climbs back on top the table ::::::

Corona & a shot of Jose Ceurvo for Ms Mermaid.

If I blow on your pizza 2 cool it off, will you have some?

When you’re done with the pizza, will you blow on something for me? :wink:

Did someone say pizza? Louie brings more pizza for everyone

Oh my, you all got some pepperonis on your chests.

What do you want me 2 blow?

:::::: thinks 4 a minute ::::::::

C R U N C H Y ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Thanx for the extra pizzas, Louie!!! Did u bring 1 with extra, EXTRA meat?