Necked Pizza Party

Gotta go with The Mermaid on this one. Hot melted cheese and nudity do not mix. But I’ve got some Cajun-flavored popcorn (goes well with nudity ;)) and I brought Heathers, Dazed and Confused, and Fargo..

Oh, and I’ll have a Seabreeze, thanks.

Oh. You’re going to blow it off first, Tassie?

:gets into the rapidly-forming line:

::::: blows everyones pizza :::::

Great movies LindyHopper! Which one are we gonna watch first?

::::: grabs a slice of extra meat pizza ::::::

mmmmmmmmm! meaty!

Hey Tassie…

Hope you don’t mind me dropping in and saying hi. Welcome to the boards. Oooh Meatlover’s pizza… BBQ base?

Didn’t bring a vid tho’…
settles in to watch whatever

TY and welcome to the party, dpr!

O, you droped a little cheese right there. Let me get that off for you.

You forgot to let me blow your pizza! Shame, shame!

Forgot to blow my pizza?
Boy are you going to fit in well around here…



Now, are you going to let me blow ur pizza or drop more hot cheese on urself?

::::: blows on dpr,s pizza ::::::

Now isn,t that better?

:::: climbs on top thy table :::

::: looks around ::::

:::: busts a move ::::

  • it,s my birthday! HAAA! HOOO! YAAA! OOO!*


There any more meaty pizza left?

Your birthday?

Happy birthday!!!

sings while throwing Tassie some more pizza (pre-blown)

That stoli sure hits the spot!

Scoot over Tassie-hardygrrl wants to dance too.
Anyone going to join us?

Scoot yourself grrl… there’s enough room on that table for all three of us to drunkenly dance on. At least.

grooves (loudly)

::::: moves her grove thing between hardygrrl and dpr :::::::


I dropped a little pizza right there. Can some1 help me get it off?

<pokes head in front door, looks around in slight confusion>

Do I have the right place? I brought some party stuff…

<walks over to kitchen table and puts down large brown paper bag, begins pulling out random items>

Let’s see, I brought the Usual Suspects and Mallrats on DVD, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade, someone submitted a request?,
a twelve-pack of Bass, a fifth of Jack, case of 7-Up, a couple of cans of Reddi Wip, some beads left over from Mardi Gras, and… oh god… That’s not mine, really.

<stuffs unknown item back into bag>

<peering at Tassie curiously>

Does that girl have PIZZA on her? Hmmmmmm… How YOU doin’? :smiley:

Oh yeah, and did I forget to mention I brought Twister? :slight_smile:

T W I S T E R ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Would that be necked twister?

Well, Heathers is my favorite, but The Infraggable Krunk brought The Usual Suspects…damn, is that a hard choice…umm…I mean, a difficult choice. :wink:

And as for Twister…

:limbers up with a few Aikido stretches:

Bring it on!!

You mean there is another kind?

:::hardygrrl hops off of table:::

How about nekkkid twister-but to make it more interesting all players must be coated in baby oil.

Can someone make sure my back’s covered?

::holds bottle of baby oil and smiles::


Here hardygrrl, I think you missed a spot. Lemme get it for ya.
Here is a copy of the Tables, Ladders & Chairs video so you can see your guys.

Thanks Blur! I left my copy at home.

Better warn everybody though…watching Jeff Hardy gets me feeling frisky…

And since he’s not here as far as I know…

::spins twister wheel::

Good thing I’m double jointed :wink:

Thats ok, now I won’t look like such a pig for checking out Lita!
OK, I need another drink. Anyone need a refill?