Necked Pizza Party

I need some more straight rum.

Who,s gonna rub the oil all over me?

:::::: bends down for the oil bottle :::::::

I’ll do you that service, sweetheart. Now back off all you other cretins, I’ve got dibs!

How about we do some body shots after the rub down?

How about bellybutton shots?

All I need is a salt shaker,a lime wedge,the bottle of Cuervo and a willing victim…although Blur can have the 1st if that’s ok w/ everyone.

Blur…want to play “what Matt and Lita do off-camera”?

has hands ready for rubbing and a bod ready to be rubbed

Sure, I’ll even let you call me Matt if it makes you happy!

Hi dpr. I can’t help you with the rubbing right now, but have a drink, spin the twister spinner and come on in.

Actually, I prefer chilled vodka shots, with sugar and lemon instead of salt and lime…

But I’m flexible! (rim shot)

Hey, the pizza’s getting cold! Somebody order more! (Just keep it away from the naughty bits.)

I’d say extra anchovies & garlic, but that might get a little much if the Twister game goes as it was appearing to (of course, if everyone has some, it’ll be fine… ;):wink: )

Hi hi hi, sorry I’m late. I brought some beer and cinnamon Altoids.

<disrobes quickly> [sub]surreptitiously sets up video camera in the corner[/sub]

No problem Blur…or we can play “hardygrrl gets backstage and shows Jeff just what a big fan she is.”

We’ll need a bottle of honey though…and I hope you’re well rested :wink:

Can someone grab me a a refill on my drink?

hardygrrl: Stoli raspberry lemonade, right? Here ya go!

And, Tequila Mockingbird: Cinnamon Altoids, mmmmmm…

:goes into TM-and-Altoid-induced trance:

Hi Tequilla. How’ve ya been?
Did I see you put something down in the corner?
Heres your refill hardygrrl. I’m very well rested tonight.
LindyHopper, heres your vodka. Enjoy.
Hey, where did Tassie go, I thought this was her party?

I,m right here!

Hey, someone get me a HARD drink, please?

Hey blur, I think Crunchy might have missed a spot.

:::::: rubs dpr down with baby oil :::::::

And um blur can you come over here in this corner where no one can see us for a minute, please? I have some thing I want to show you :smiley:

Thanks. Mmmm…

I was just wondering the same thing. What time is it in Tasmania, anyway? Hey, Tassie, WAKE UP!!! There’s some serious nekkid pizza eatin’ and Twister playin’ goin’ on here!

Hey blur. I’ve been sober for too long! Corner? What corner?
::innocent look::

Oh sheesh, I forgot, LittleTassie, I brought you a welcoming gift. A bottle of Visene and a box of NoDoze, now that you’ve found this place, you’ll probably need these. (At least now you can LOOK like you’ve rested)


Thank you so much, hon!

:::::: gives Tequila a BIG kiss right smack on the lips ::::::

:::: grabs Tequila and climbs up on the table ::::

:::: does a little dance for Tequila ::::::

hugs Tequila welcome - notices the camera but says nothing

Join the party TM.

drags her up on the table with himself and tassie

Hmmm… two pretty naked gals…

shares baby oil for the twister party later

Uh-Oh, I think I’m in trouble.

B L U R ! ! ! !

Trouble isn,t the word!


just came!
heard about the baby oil and twister
I can show you a twister with this here baby oil
One rule tho, so it doesn’t get out of hand count the legs and divide by two…any more than 14 and this table will brake
and someone get me a stolli!
And a carona!
and a becks!
and well, some scotch, whisky, a kebab, a vindaloo, a dvd player, one of those red things with nobbly bits, a pop up edition of the karma suitra, and finally, a fried egg, chilly, cheese & chutney sandwich with a side serving of red dwarf DVD’s.