Necked Pizza Party

::::::::::: hands Kahuzza_Rebuzzaa stolli, a carona, a becks, scotch, whisky, a kebab, a vindaloo, a dvd player, one of those red things with nobbly bits, a pop up edition of the karma suitra, and finally, a fried egg, chilly, cheese & chutney sandwich with a side serving of red dwarf DVD’s. :::::::::::

hmmm I think we really should have some crappy movies here…everyone’s too quiet…like they are watching the movie or something…
:digs in her bag and pulls out a couple movies:

These should do the trick…
[sub]Tank Girl and Shanghai Surprise[/sub]

psst! Hey Tequila… why don,t we make our own little show

But I LIKE Tank Girl…

Tho’ I WANT to be distracted…

::comes through the door carrying a cask of Guinness::

Anyone want some???

::shows the sack of clothes he has brought along from where he dropped tem in T.M.'s party::

Where do I drop these???

Thanks Blur! ::chugs the raspberry stoli lemonade::

Weren’t we going to play a game?

::‘accidently’ squirts honey on Blur’s chest-and licks it off::

Oh Jeff you ARE poetry in motion. Can I give you a Broncobuster? I promise to be gentle :wink:

Why doesn,t any one accidently squirt hony on my chest and lick it off?

And why isn,t any one playing necked twister?

Nice party, you’ve got here, MappaTassie… (shit… LittleTassie, I meant… damn freudian slips!)

Anyway, who wants more pizza? I’ve got an unlimited supply. At least until my dad sells his pizza parlour…

Carrying these damn pizza’s is hot work. I think I’ll have a VB, and join the show on the table.

But first things first…

Lights big bastard joint and has a puff

Who’s next??

starts playing naked Twister

Who’s with me?

<damn, look what I miss when I’m out of the office for a day…>

jumps up from behind the couch, miscellaneous items of debris stuck to his body

Hey, doesn’t anyone ever CLEAN back here? Sorry, must have lost consciousness for a while – damn tequila shots do it to me every time! Naked Twister? Let’s get some of them wimmenfolks over here and get to it!

strips down, wearing nothing but a wide grin