The Official Bay Area Doper (BAD) Superbowl Party Thread

Since the exalted day is now a mere two weeks away, I thought I’d slog thru the other thread and condense it here.
Sunday January 28th, 2 PM, my house.

Anyone who needs directions, e-mail me and I’ll send out a bulk email next week.

Here’s who we have so far:
Purd Werfect

Jack Batty and Mrs. Batty

I have committed to making chili, vegetarian lasagna, some vegan dish yet to be determined, and a kick ass chocolate cake. Plus, I’ll have an assortment of beer and liquor on hand. Also thinking of doing a spinach dip in a bread bowl thingie.

pugluvr has offered Buffalo wings.

slackergirl has offered salad (don’t worry about dressings, I have a refrigerator full).

psy and Demo offered up a case :eek: of wine!

I put Purd Werfect in charge of assorted chips/dips.

Zenster mentioned something about semi-narcotic island skewers…

Obfus is bringing buttons, courtesy of Baglady.

I am putting Sassy in charge of the football pool, since she suggested it and I couldn’t even tell you what one is.

Please confirm your attendance and food offerings, just so I can make sure we have enough food and drink.

BTW, the nanny is taking ToddlerNym out for the day, so I’ll be free to get smashed.

Weather permitting count on me for the skewers.

I’m volunteering scratchie to make his infamous Gran Mariner whatever ganache brownies o’ death. I might even make some chocolate chip cookies, if he lets me near the kitchen! Sound good?

I’ll bring whatever else you think you might need, Sue. Just let me know.

I’ll bring some scotch and beer too… And damnit the raiders won’t be playing :mad: :frowning:

Put me under “possible, but unlikely”. There are several things going on on the 28th and I might not be able to attend.

The schedule has been cleared and Mrs. Batty any I will definitely be attending. As for what we may or may not bring, I’ll have to leave that up to the cook in the family. She may even take requests.

If anyone is interested in a pool on the game, please email me. If we get enough I will put together the paperwork.

Demo and I will be attending, and yes we will be bringing a few bottles of wine. We are really looking forward to it.
Thanks a bunch, Sue!

Well, i’m willing to bet 100 to 1 that Bradford Reed and His Amazing Pencilina will not win the game!

And for my fellow dopers in the “Is the Superbowl the game where they hit the ball with the stick or the one where they try to throw it in that circle?” crowd… anyone wanna make commercial predictions? :wink:

Super! Could you possibly do a couple strictly veggie ones since you’re at it? No bell peppers, cuz of zyzzva’s allergy (he can pick off anything else he doesn’t like). Please?

Yummy! Maybe you guys better start them a day in advance though. :smiley:

woodstockbirdybirdHow about some vanilla ice cream? I’m making a chocolate/chocolate chip cake with a warm chocolate sauce and it could use a little ice cream. A half gallon should be enough.

Lawmill, hope you can make it! It’ll be a rip roaring good time!

YAY!! The Batty’s are coming! I’m running out of ideas for things to bring. Tell her to make something fart or burp inducing and high in calories. Or some guacamole. I don’t know, be creative.

I will be there, with lettuce.

Ya, i’ll be there. I cant bring food, or bet anything cause i’m poor, with $109 dollars to my name.

I am bringing my book of writing systems cause scratchie was interested. Y’all can look at it too, but if any of you get sticky messy fingers on it, i’ll have to kill you.

No problem, Sue. Sure, you need ice cream for the cake, right? ::wink wink:: :smiley:

I’ll do my best.

I dunno what to bring, either. Could go with Cheeseburger Macaroni. And those cinnamon rolls I made this past week turned out real well. If not, I can just bring some tequila.

*Originally posted by Doobieous *
Ya, i’ll be there. I cant bring food, or bet anything cause i’m poor, with $109 dollars to my name.


You and Snooooopy (since we have a lot of tequila already) can be in charge of photos and the official “Dopefest Thread”. You guys are in charge of finding and figuring out how to make a free website with the digital photos you take.

Thanks Zenster! I know you’ll do you best, haven’t seen anything less from you.

Slackergirl Thanks! I’ll be here, with dressing!

No, Silly! That’s what the warm chocolate sauce is for!


Absolutely NO Hamburger Helper will be tolerated in my home!

Get me?

No Hamburger Helper?!? What kind of party are you running here?

Hamburger Helper goes with the SuperBowl like peanut-butter goes with jelly, like Abbott goes with Costello, like Pee Wee Herman goes with masturbation.

Ah jeez, I guess we’ll still come. And guacamole sounds like a good bet.