I’ll do my best to update this during the event, and I guess this thread can serve as the official “aimless posts during the event” thread.

Cool idea. I will be at your Dopefest virtually!!! Kick. If I may, put me on the Ravens side (unless you are only do that for people actually there :frowning: )

And I would just like to note that in both my squares games I am playing I have the most awsome numbers in the world. ::sigh:: It’s gonna be a good game.

If 't can be arranged, I want on the Ravens team. [possibly pointless information]Running back/receiver on offense, cornerback on D.

One other thing . . . You probably want to fix the graphics such that the 50 is shown and the 40 isn’t at the bottom of the screen. The numbers on the screen go like so:



That means you could probably just flip the top half of the original design and paste it in there.

Bite me, virgin boy!

Sue - Your Flat screen TV is giving me tech-envy, not to mention the wine cellar. Be sure to host a superbowl party every year! :smiley:

Tech envy? Sue’s backyard has more ameneties than my kitchen!

For the curious, no blood has been drawn yet.

In fact, I am SO sick of you talking about your unshirted chest I think I could vomit not only the contents of my stomach, but the crap in my colon too.

Ooooookay… Sue forgot to clear the cookies.

So punha, it’s Sue that wants to shit on you, not me! :slight_smile:

It’s WAS me!


okay, everyone keeps talking about this “super bowl” thing and i’m wondering where the salad is. where’s the salad??? it’s supposed to be a super bowl, right??? well where is it???

I just got here, but it’s already the best day I’ve had all month - Sue Duhnym gave me a kiss! yee-haw! I’m not drunk enough to breally witty yet, but I’ll post ain later.
Oh, and iampunha, you’re annoying the hell out of everyone here. So just to annoy you back, we’re all downloading porn and masturbating.

I love you guys!

I’m not.

I’m just putting on make-up and changing my outfit hourly.

I like to look my best, ya know.

It’s half-time. This from the “Eat It MaineBoy” guy (ask oldscratch).

I just need to say that I have lost all respect for Aerosmith. A duet with NSYNC and Brittney Spears? Ugh. Oh well, I bet Steven Tyler gets laid tonight one way or another.

Awesome food here. I bet you’re all jealous.

Captions! I need captions!!!

(Amazingly, I don’t know all of you by sight yet. :))


: Dave cums in his pants :
Damn! Now I gotta change!

Oh Jack, did you forget about Mary J. Blige and Nelly? That show rocked!! :rolleyes:

Yep… Fun being had by all. And stuff. Except OBFUSCIATRIST, he looks grumpy as always. Although he just giggled like a school girl in heat, or something.
The food is good, the alcohol is good, the company is good, the punha baiting is good.
and the captions will be up eventually, just not now.

Oh, Christ - Mary-J-Nelly-N’Sync-Smith. What the hell has hapened to good ol’ substance abusing rock-n-roll. I saw Aerosmith in '84 when Steven Tyler sang four words and then fell over in a drunken stupor. Hot-damn - that was a show!

Screw it - at least the Ravens are winning.

Hi Iampunha you friggin’ stud, you.