Sue's Most Excellent Party!!!

Zenster sez: Wahoo, here we are at the most excellent party-like event. Kara and her husband are the most fine hosts. A quick review of the scenery reveals a complete outdoor kitchen, a full wet bar and throngs of festive people units.

Jack Batty here - just arrived in the trusty Battymobile and the mingling is about to comence. The drinks are already flowing, and I’m looking forward to my turn in the jumpy-house. I may have to fight off a few kids to do it, but I’m determined.

Oldscratch - 2 drinks down. 14 more to go.

Snooooopy says: Nothing at the moment.

Party on, dudes and dudettes!

Have a great time and keep us up to date on the happenings .
And watch that Oldscratch guy , he’s Irish you know :wink:

Hey. Just for that comment I’mgoing to cut back. Only 13 drinks. So there yojimbo.

Damn, I just knew we should have gone. I just got back from hunting and didn’t see a damn thing! Have a blast you guys!

Yeah fucker. Hurry up and come on down. It’s just starting. The alcohol is good quality, and FREE!!!.And you better be at SF next week Biatch

Demo and Psy, you guys shiould leave now and come down. I’ll probably be passed out by then, but still, FREE DRINKS!!!


Damn, that sounds good. Unfortunately, I’m already working on getting drunk off cheap beer and we have the kids so…

We’ll be there next weekend though, as long as we can get a sitter.

Happy birthday Sue!

Pssst, hey, this is Jack Batty checking in.

Shhhhhh, don’t let anyone know I’m checking in though. Somebody, please, come and stop OldScratch.
I’ve snuck away from the table we’re all sitting at to post this. He is forcing us to do shots of some God-awful gin and vodka and lord knows what else. Please, I’m begging you for the sake of my delicate intestines, come to Sue D.'s house and stop OldScratch at any cost.

This post will self-destruct in 30 seconds, there-abouts - or maybe not.

Jack Batty has been taken care of. Do not worry. His nonsensical, coherent, sober, ramblings will no longer taint the board.


GOD DAMN IT, we’re bored. Start posting. GIVE US SOME FUCKING ENTERTAINMENT!!! I’VE been told to not give you the impression that we are not partying. We are indeed having a good ole time. Drunk are we. We are drunk. Woohoo! The alcohol and sugar highs are flowing freely. Yeah! So post damnit.

You are still drinking, right? You’d better be!

More drunken ramblings, please! They’re quite funny! :smiley:

Homer isstalking Jack Batty. this we know.

Kilgore trout stalks Iampunha

Homer started a thread usingJack as an example in his OP. He has (according toJack) a }“hard on” for him.

Actually Jack thinks he’s hilarious

Doob likes him, but admits he has a large prejudice about certain people. Actually when you talk to him he’s pretty nice.

Doob’s fav moderator is Gaudre.

Jack’s is Uncle Beer.

Mine is a toss up, Arnold or David B.

Jophiel is a dollar whore.

More random thoughts???
He who hesitates is constipated. A random person standing near me.

Waitaminute. from sue. Uhhhhmmmm. She has to pass on her daughter. And start drinking more. Then she will entertain us.

Jack- this is getting very much like a “homer thread”.

I’ve officially taken over for OldScratch. He is apparently incapacitated. We are actually sitting around playing Bridge and Mah-Jong, eating lady-fingers and sipping tea. If you don’t believe me, that’s your problem.

Hey, I’m not as think as you drunk I am.

Still doing my best to damage the stocks of JW Black Label. Rather unsuccessfully, I might add (they just keep opening another one!). The music started and was quite a bit of fun. What next, cruise the hot tub or molest the beautiful women? Decisions, decisions…

Snooooopy says: The margaritas were lovely. OldScratch gave me some other stuff I didn’t like as much. The gin tasted like something you’d sterilize surgical equipment with.

This is Danielinthewolvesden, using oldscratch’s account at the party. Hi folks, now you actually get to see a foto, I suggest very dark sunglasses, with 100% UV, prior to looking.

Danielinthewolvesden?? Where the hell did he come from?? Shit, we left too soon.

This is Jack, checking in. Ms. Batty and I made it home safely, Daisy-Bob is very glad to see us as she had to pee really bad by the time we got here. Thank God my lovely lovely wife had the wherewithall to stay sober in order to drive us home, 'cause God knows I didn’t.

Time to turn in. Keep posting so I can check in the morning to see how the rest of the party went.

We had a conversation in which I proclaimed to never have used the Wally Putz smiley. I thought I would rectify that.

OldScratch you are a :wally for trying to get me to drink that sterilizing fluid. What the Hell was that. My guess is that it was the same thing that barbers soak their combs in.



::Jack passing out::