It's another post party, and a small one at that, now get nekkid!

Okay, so I wanted to wait a bit before I try to throw a “I post a lot of useless shit here” thread but hey! This is 301 for me! Kiss kiss and thank you all for putting up with my meaningless blather… Now bring on the drunken ORGY!

Oh dear…people have been looking and not posting…I am pathetic, indeed.
:tossing on my tiger print shortie robe:

Gawd, I hate being the first one nekkid with a bunch of lookie-loos!

:sitting in the corner looking bemused:

Ummm…I was nekkid when I got here–does that count?

Anyway, congrats, Tequila! After some time away, I’m going to be back more, and soon I should be up to–woo-hoo!–100, myself.

Well, Tequila, I was naked too when I peeked in but I didn’t want anyone to think something was going on between us if they looked in here and saw us alone together with no clothes on! But now that someone else is here, I guess it’s ok!

I’m nekkid, Tequila, but you know it’s not gonna get a lot of, mm, broads to post here- I’m too old and fat, though I do have perty eyes. Wow, 300 posts! I signed up before you did and I’m only at about 150- and it’s not like I’ve been avoiding frivolous posts, either.

O.K., now what do we do when we’re nekkid? It’s been a long time…

wooo-hooo nekkid people lookin’! Okay someone call the hemaphrodite for me (hey it’s a fantasy…I see her as the chcik who doesn’t need to stop to put on the strap-on!) Anyway, what’s your pleasure/lube of choice HannibalV, EB, alonicist?
Oh wait, where’s my hostess skills???! Here’s your complimentary drink/headjob. I like being noticed :smiley:

:slurp slurp:

Mm, 186 posts- I’ve been a busy boy. Hi, evilbeth, nice to meet you! I’m Doug, and I like to call this little fellow “Noodle of Bristol”~

Don’t you know these post parties are just a waste… {blur looks around}… OH MY GOD, EVERYONE IS NEKKID!!! Two of my three favorite named posters too! Tequila and evilbeth! Hi Everyone.

(I think we’re all a little shy…) Two lovely ladies, two gallant gentleman with their gallant posts…how could it get better? Ah, three gallant posters, I presume!

Um…nice to meet your little fellow!

WAAAAAAAAAAAAH_HOO! hey EB…we’re 2 of blur’s 3 favorites, let’s drug him to get the name of the third one and break out the jello-shots and whipping cream for the hot tub!
*Oh man, someone take this 5 liter BOX of wine away from me…$7.00 BOX of wine is NOT a better value than a $7.00 bottle of wine…remind of this in a week, PLEASE)

Thanks, evilbeth! He doesn’t get out much. Tekkie, you’re a sweet hostess.

You’ll never get me to talk! I’ll help you out with the wine one glass at a time.

If we perform sexual favors will you tell us the third one?

If you do that, I’ll name anyone you tell me too!

Okay, I was just wondering.

Well, being a normally shy person, I usually don’t get nekkid in public, but what the hell.

Hi, Euty- love the rat wallpaper! Tequila, I think I’ll have that drink now- directly from the bottle?

But I was a little busy. :smiley:

And now I’m here, appropriately nekkid (how could I be any less with Tequila in the room?!!!)

walks over to her lovely friend, gives her a long, deep kiss

Congratulations, m’dear. Now how… um… where do you want me?

I’m a Pisces, too, March 20, even if I am a Virgo on the side, which makes me an hermaphrodite, sort of. We’ll be TwoPisces to please you!