Co-ed Naked SDMB post party....

One thousands posts. And I couldn’t have done it without you. To celebrate I’m gonna do something special.

:Strips down to nothing but the jewelry:

Woo Hoo. I’m buck nekked and I’m posting. Wooo Hooo.

(Feel free to join in anytime)

::Wanders in. Starts setting up the fairy lights and putting out the beanbags::

This could be fun!

Congrats on the K

Dammit Mermaid, you go and start this when I leave work in 10 minutes! Try to keep this going, I’ll be back to get nekkid with you tomorrow.


:unpacking large box marked “party supplies”:

Whipped cream

Chocolate syrup

Gallon of baby oil

Foot locker full of adult oriented “toys”

Whips, chains,ecetera

Large box purchased at Sue Dunhym’s yard sale labeled “hanging plants” (funny all I see is some sort of swing)

3 CD set of Pure Funk, Pure Dance and Pure Disco.

I greased ferret–no party is complete without one.

Let’s see, what have I forgotten?..


Me? :slight_smile:

innocently walks in, completely unaware Is this the library?..oh my. :o

Heeheehee… :smiley:

::whispers to Ell “Y’know, Mermaid said she could kick your ass in a pillow fight. Are you gonna take that from her?”::

:staggers in, dragging the mostly full box o’ wine left-over from another party:

Please take this as a token of my congratulations. (Hic)

Wow is it chilly in here?

::: looks the supplies over :::

prophalactics, always practice good cybersex after all. I know, you have gotten to the point it ain’t practicing anymore, but still safe hex should be the word.

You also need some fruits, you know, strawberries, grapes, cucumbers, etc.

Make sure you have the keys for those.

And don’t forget to get out your library, all sorts of things in there you wanted to try, no?

Me, I’ll just sit over here and watch, maybe give out pointers.

Congrats, Mermaid! (Takes off clothes. Puts clothes back on.) I’m outta here- I never get lucky at these parties. Mermaid, how come you never posted a picture? I like to see the people I’m naked with!

Good for you. :smiley:

Naked…I’m here! Uh oh…I can’t strip off clothes because I just woke up and I’m already naked. Oh well.

:emerges from a room down the hall where for just a brief second the hauntingly familiar melody is heard:

[sup]Bow wow wow chicka chicka boom boom bow[/sup]

Hey let’s keep it down in there 'mkay?

Hey all, I’m glad to see so many familiar pseudonyms. I was getting a little chilly so I threw on this old thing >indicating an outfit that looks suspiciously like the pink outfit with the giant butt bow thatMadeline Kahn wore in Blazing Saddles< . Much better, I feel wefweshed.

Ok who’s hungry? It’s a sunny day and just perfect for a barbeque. I’ve got a whole freezor full of 20 oz porterhouses, shrimp just perfect for skewering, a shitload of chips, dips and stuff and the swimming pool makes a handy cooler for the 10 cases of beer. Who’s making potatoe salad?

What a silly question. Of course we have Guiness. Ok who wants to man the B-B-Q tools. Yep the ones with the Craftsman tool handles. Got those for Christmas, they crack me up too.

I’m hungry!!

I’ll have my steak medium-rare, thanks!

Got any Scotch? If not, you do now ::pulls out a flagon of single malt::

I’m 27, I’m not old!

Oh, you were talking about the outfit you’ve got on…

And just because I’m a good friend, any nekkid women who get chilly, just remember I’m here and I’ll do anything in my power to warm you up. :wink:

you look good! I had no idea!
Can I touch that one deal there?


Hey! Thissa nice place ya got here, nice carpet. I see you didn’t get bi-level- that’s soo good- they’re so much hassle, way too much upkeep.

Hey, ya mind if I take a ‘tour’?

oh yeh, Congrats on the big K!

:pulling up lawn chair:

Hey, what the hell is that for?

:folding lawn chair and tossing over fence:

Let’s party!

Perhaps you’d like to do a body shot from my navel! I can hold a pint of the beverage of your choice in there, and I promise to pick out all the lint first!

Dang Mr. Sin I mean Cynical… I can’t remember when I last had an offer like that. But that does sound just a wee bit messy. How about we do this instead

:rubs lemon on Mr. C’s uhm shoulder:

Would ya mind holdin this between your teeth, thanks.:wink:

:sprinkles lemon spot with sea salt:

:LICK: [sub] oops missed some[/sub] :LICK:

:tosses back a shot of Jose Cuervo:

:Retrieves lemon:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Congrats, The Mermaid!

May you continue to swish your fins here, for a VERY long time! (I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid, I think they have ALL the fun!)