Necro (underground hip hop appr.)

I don’t know how many of you have heard of this guy, but he is hands down the wildest, sickest guy in the buisness today. I cannot believe eminem is bigger than this guy(I guess I can, I just dont wanna). Generally, I don’t care for hiphop, I think it’s gone the way of the glam rock genre, however, Necro easily gained my respect.

I’ll post a link so if some of you want to to hear this nut rap you may. It’s sick, i warn you. But it’s rather neat and moves beyond the big cars, women and “bling” these others seem so caught up in. Again, I warn you, he is sick with such lyrics as, " Dancing on your grave like Baryshnikov, I’ll rip you off, then leave you in the desert until the vultures strip your corpse, then ra#e your fuc@kin wife until my dic@ gets soft" and on and so forth.

Anyway enjoy.

He performs a song called Dead Body Disposal, which is hands-down the most disgusting and simultaneously funniest song I have ever heard.