necrosis for dummies (not me, a relative)


ok, so I just got off the phone with Mom and apparently a recent conversation with her younger sister included this bit:

Aunt: “… and in my last cancer check they said the scar from my first mastectomy¬ has necrosis”
Mom: “saywhaaaa?”
Aunt: “oh yeah, I’ve got a necrotic spot on my right leg too but it’s ok, it’s not like it’s an illness or anything!”
Mom: :eek::frowning: “are you getting it treated?”
Aunt: “I told you, it’s not an illness! I’m not sick! And anyway I’m sure my homeopath would treat it if he thought it was important”
Mom: :smack:“U-hu?”

I’m googling too, but you know, the information out there ranges from wiki articles where the only word more common than “necrosis” appears to be “the” (so not very informative) to others where the scarily-long greek polysyllabics are engaged in reproduction.

So, pending the extraction of further information (if any), how freaked out should we be? So far all I’ve been able to understand is that necrotic spots can go from the microscopic to the clearly visible, that there can be a lot of different causes and that depending on the causes there are different treatments available (I doubt “colored water” will have a positive effect, but hey, that’s just the chemist in me speaking) and different prognosis.
¬ Double breast cancer survivor; the two cancers were 25 years apart and unrelated.