Need 1940's info for Wild Cards RPG starting on Wildcard Day (Sept 15th 1946)

I am starting a Champions (Hero system) tabletop role-playing game. It will take place in the Wild cards universe, and will start on the day the virus is released. I am looking for suggestions for resources. Does anyone know of any good free online resources for information on the 40’s that would be useful to a GM?

I am starting the game in New York, but the characters will wind up working for the US government. The will be a more covert counterpart to the “Exotics for Democracy” (the Four Aces.) Yes I am aware that Google is my friend, I was just hoping to tap into the wellspring of knowledge or anyone else who may have ran a game in the 40’s, and what information they found useful.


I’m not at all familiar with the Wild Cards-verse, unfortunately.

I once ran a superhero game in the 30’s, though. I used online historical timelines for the broad information, and got more specific items from GURPS Cliffhangers (which won’t help you, as it stops with the start of WW2) - and little yearly information pamphlets from Cracker Barrel/Bob Evans. Near the cashier, they kept these little pamphlets, one for each year, I guess so you could see ‘What movies were popular the year I was born?’ and things like that.

Don’t know if you have something similar near you, but they’re handy.