Need _advanced_ cheat codes for Half-Life, HL Opposing Force

Yes, another Half-Life post. Can you tell I like this game? :wink:

Anyway, I was playing with the codes for spawning monsters in Opposing Force. For instance, you can create a human soldier or an assassin. The problem is, I only have the code for the generic human solider- the one wearing the breathmask and goggles. I don’t know how to create the beret-wearing soldier, the bandana’d one armed with a shotgun, or the one wielding the SAW. Similarly, the code I have for an assassin gives the standard assassin armed wih MP5; how could I create the sniper version?

You’re supposed to be able to see what monsters are cached on your current map by typing ENTITIES at the console. But the listing it gives does NOT give you the proper name you need to spawn that entity! For example, it lists MASSN for the assassin; but if you want to spawn one you have to type "GIVE MONSTER_MALE_ASSASSIN. So the ENTITIES command seems to be worthless.

Second question: is there any command to alter the rate of fire of your weapons, or would the .EXE have to be hacked to change that?