Need a clever airplane name.

Here’s a quick background. One of my hobbies is designing/building/flying radio controlled planes. I’m meeting with a bunch of other enthusiasts in a few months for a weekend of flying - which includes a few different competitions. One of the competitions is for top speed.

All of the planning and smack talking for this event is done on another message board. The guy who had the fastest plane last year is quite proud of himself and seems to be pretty certain that he will have the fastest plane this year as well.

I’ve designed and built a plane. I haven’t said anything about it on the other board since I have yet to test fly it. But, based on thrust/HP/and drag calculations, I think I have the event winner for next year. But, for something so epic, I need a clever name. So, I come to the dopers - the cleverest group I know.

Here’s what I got for you to work with:
It needs to be mostly family friendly - the other board has a strict G rating on language.
Here’s what the plane looks like.
The other guy’s forum name is Mr.Clean and his plane is called the Flipper. Anything that would insinuate that my plane is faster/better/sexier would be a bonus.

I’m happy to answer any questions to help with the naming process. Thanks!

**Air Roneous

Air Apparent
Air Presumptive
Hevierthan Air
Air Gremlin
Flying Monkeys
Flying Pigs
Delta Dawn
Air O’Head

Air Atheist** (Motto: God is NOT our Co-Pilot")
Air Agnostic (“God MIGHT be our Co-Pilot”)

**Air Inyorsoop
First Gray Air

Cat Air

Divine Air

Air Conditioning
Filtered Air
Compressed Air
Rarefied Air

Liquid Air

Air Ufthedog

Wake Turbulence
Triangle Man (Hey, any chance for a TMBG reference…)
Clean Sweep
Faster Than Flip
FPTMC (pronounced ‘fip-tim-see’ – Faster Plane Than Mr. Clean’s)

I’m thinking something along the line of** Canned Tuna**, to indicate that it’s not dolphin safe… ???

Good suggestions so far.

Air Ufthedog might work. There’s a similar design called the BullDawg…Hmmm.

I’m liking Clean Sweep right now.

I like the canned tuna line of thinking as well. I like that it’s not as obvious. Bumblee Bee doesn’t really sound speedy - but at least it flys. Maybe something like Starkist or Star Kissed?

I also had some broken lines of thinking around the phrase ‘clean your clock’ But something like Clocked your Clean, just doesn’t roll off the tongue very well.

Keep em coming!

I don’t mean to offend, but the first idea that came to my mind when I saw your plane was: Pizza Delivery.

or some riffs on that theme:

Special Delivery

TARDIS Express (can we say max geek points?)



Mr. McFeely’s Flying Machine.

Nice one! (I wish I’d thought of it.)

Anyone remember a band called Hot Tuna? My sister had one of their albums when I was a kid.

If you know it’s fast, have you thought of going for an ironic name, like Pokey or The Slug?

You might also play off the delta shape and call it Mississippi or Nile and see if anyone gets the joke.

Self-referential acronym, perhaps; SOFA (SOFA is One Fast Airplane).

Flippin’ Fast

Sofa King Fast

(say it out loud)

What’s that, sonny? whacks at Johnny L.A. with cane – misses due to combination of senility and blindness

Spruce Lee


Aluminum Falcon?

“Suck My Wake”

Home Plate?

Firewing. Flaming Wing. Wing of Fire.

This one’s good, although you’d have to say it like a lispy Johnny Cash.

How about Mr. Clean’s Wife?

How about a weird code name like the movie Cloverfield. Just open the dictionary and point to a word and treat it as a code name for the developmental aircraft. Perhaps ‘Zebra’.
Or use an “X” designation



Trapper Keeper 2000!