Name the new Qantas Dreamliners

They need eight “Australian” names. There does not seem to be a prize nor a deadline.


All I got is “Dreamstime”

“Pavlova” (Though Air New Zealand is likely to try and put a stop to that.)
“Blue” (For the red tail.)
“Drop Bear”
“Great Southern Land”
“Dreamtime”. Serious entry, obviously ripped off from the OP but not sure if he was aware of the significance of what he posted.
“Red Dust”
“Vegemite” (That one’s in poor taste, sorry.)

I submitted “Dreamtime” as I though it was rather good. Will split any prize money with the op 10/90 (reflecting my input of removing one of ten letters.) Short list on 28th May then public voting for favourites.

Dreamy McDre…

No, no, NO!
I like the idea of having a theme for particular aircraft types. I found a Wikipedia page for the names of Qantas aircraft and that’s what they’ve done in the past. By having people suggest individual names it doesn’t seem like that’s happening this time.

Here’s a page (warning: PDF) of ships that were important in Australian history. I’d go with something like that.

Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, and Michael Baldwin.

Dame Edna


I like it.

This being the internet, I am sure the winner is going to be “Flier McFlyerson”.

I’m slightly boggling at someone thinking Uluru - the single largest least aerodynamic object in the entire country - would be a good name to describe a bunch of machines whose job it is to * fly through the air *

" Hey, look at that, mate. I can see Uluru flying towards us…" - CLONK

In fact, on reflection, maybe 'things that fly through the air in Australia ’ is the right theme to go for. So you could have the Beer Bottle, the Stray Cricket Ball, the Thong-At-A-Mozzie, the Rainbow Yawn, the Undies at an Orgy…




Planey McPlainface, surely?

Name it after their old mascot?

Welp. I may have had a few glasses, but I put in some suggestions. (I’ve never been to Australia.)

Names, but also concept planes. (Like boutique hotels.)

  1. Outback (Toilet paper is sandpaper)
  2. Surf (Flush effect on toilet is terrifyingly aggressive.)
  3. Coral (Textured floor where you are urged to take off your shoes and rest your feet.)
  4. Wildlife (I will not force a cabin crew member to serve in a kangaroo outfit. They make take bribes though.)
  5. Wi-Fi (Link the wifi to free netflix and spotify access? Or just plain non-terrible Wi-Fi.)
  6. Koala (Really super comfortable headrests mounted to the seats. Oh my god, so soft.)
  7. Aussie Accent (All cabin crew must have genuine but exaggerated aussie accents. Again, bribes. If Dev Patel could pull it off, so can they.)
  8. Terrifying wildlife. (If your mind didn’t jump to actually putting snakes on a plane right away, we can’t be friends.)

Box Jelly
Blue-Ringed Octopus
Playful Platypus

I also went with Blue Ringed Octopus, as well as

Cone Snail
Fierce Snake

This is Australia. Wouldn’t that a feature on all of their planes?

Venomous Fang
Venomous Talon
Venomous Tail
Venomous Tentacle
Venomous Stinger
Venomous Saliva
Venomous Skin
Trustworthy Koala

Bin Chicken, in honor of the wonderful Australian Ibis.