Pythons escape during a flight

Four pythons get loose aboard an Austrailian flight.

Okay, who wants to say it?

Fine, I will.


“Boy, all these reptiles on my aeronautic conveyance really try my patience!”

“It’s Monty Python’s Flying Circus”?


I’ll alert Sam, since everyone else just wants to make jokes.

Serpents! On an aircraft!

I’m getting tired of these Monty Python snakes on this Monty Python plane!!


…I know, it’s lame…it’s all I’ve got…

Authorities have confirmed that Eric Idle took the bus.

Say what?

Someone should make a movie based on this incident. It would be a summer blockbuster.

Someone needs a hug.

Per the new rules:

I can’t redacted stand all of these redacted snakes on this redacted plane.

And imagine the potential for sequels: “Grizzlies on a Tandem Bike!” “Sharks in a Toyota Hatchback!”

I just read Peter Carey’s True Story of the Kelly Gang, about Australian outlaws in the late 1800s. They preferred the term “adjectival.”

“I have had enough of these adjectival serpents aboard this aerial conveyance!”

,life imitating [del]art[/del] dreck.

Strangely, all the snakes were named “Bruce.”

Could have been worse

:: broad Australian accent ::

Well, if they were named anything else, that might cause confusion.

Home Builders Organization!

(too obscure?)