Snakes on a Plane?

I just heard about Snakes on a Plane! I guess there is a big Internet buzz on this incredibly ridiculously great/bad movie. I think the whole thing sounds like a lot of fun. What say you?


on a Plane!

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There’s too many muthafkin’ threads about muthafkin Snakes on a Plane!

Snakes on a Plane sounds like an exciting thrill ride of an action movie. But Snakes on a Plain? Sounds kinda flat, to me.

I’m picturing near the beginning of Star Wars; two snakes bickering after landing in a desert from the airplane escape capsule.

Cheney’s new strategy for silencing the critics: Snakes on a Plame!

Funnily enough, the college where I repair computers is next to a plain. Today the groundskeepers had a hard time catching a snake on campus.

Early, I was not sure what it was, I glanced at something going into a bush when walking from building to building, those things move fast! later, by the screams outside, then I realized what it was. Based on what the faculty told me, it was possibly a Night Snake.

I’m looking forward to the remake of The Towering Inferno , Snakes on a Flame .

That sounds good, but I’m probably going to skip the Alton Brown episode “Snakes on a Plate.”

I’m a big fan of both Roller Derby and flat shark-like fish. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Skate on a Plane.

When the new Harry Potter movie is released, apparently Hogwarts is relocated to Denmark, and Alan Rickman’s charactor finds romance, I believe the title is: Snapes on a Dane!


Good one!

I read somewhere that, in the sequel, Samuel L. Jackson’s character has broken the snakes, gotten control of them, and rides them to roam the countryside in search of adventure. I believe the preliminary title is: Snakes On A Rein.

From last night’s TDS:

they decided to set it in England. They changed the title to Snape’s on a Dame!