Was Snakes on a Plane scary if you were afraid of snakes?

Like many others, I found the movie totally lacking in scariness, but I have no phobia of snakes–in fact, I kind of like them. Are there any snake phobics here who saw the movie?

Not to detract from your question, but was it supposed to be scary? Cheesy, sure, but I knew that going in. Hell, that was pretty much the big selling point of the movie.

What is this film ‘Snakes on a plane’ about, anyway? :smiley:

I’m afraid of babies

About 2 hours. Also, snakes.

It was directed and written like a standard horror-thriller, and I got the impression that that was what it was originally supposed to be. The camp appeal seemed to be mostly a product of the marketing campaign. I think if that had been the original intent of the movie, it would have been a funnier movie.

Anyway, whether or not it was meant to be scary, my question is was it?

<raises hand tentatively>

well, this woman here didn’t go see it because of her fear of snakes…

(Quoting as a springboard to the OP)

Yeah, really. Why would you go see a movie about snakes if you have a phobia? It’s not like you don’t know what you’re getting into.

I wish I could watch the whole thing, only because it was so popular and looked like a fun, cheesy movie. But, the nightmares aren’t worth it.

I can now handle snakes in movies scenes (for the most part), unless they’re anacondas strangling someone and then consuming them, but not a whole movie where they drop on you and stuff.
Urgh… I think I’ll stop now.

The only thing scary about Snakes On A Plane would be a sequel.

You’re not missing much, believe me. It really was rather unimaginative and boring.

Snake phobias. I didn’t want to go anywhere near that movie! I was watching something at home the other day on Netflix and had to cover my eyes during the snake scenes. Eeeuuu!

So, I assume you’ve had it with those motherfuckin’ snakes on that motherfuckin’ plane?

I’m massively snake-phobic, so, no, I didn’t go anywhere near this movie.

It was supposed to be a standard PG-13 thriller. “Snakes on a Plane” was the working title, they were planning on changing the name to something like “Flight 237” but Sam Jackson insisted that they keep the original working title. After the internet buzz, they shot some new footage and added scenes to change the rating to R, make it a bit more self-aware and campy, and to include the famous line by Mr. Jackson.

“More Snakes! More Planes!”

And don’t forget the Mile High Venom club. That was one of the funniest scenes. I can almost hear Sister Mary Elephant lecturing her pupils: “That’s what happens when you have sex before marriage! In an airplane loo!”

Snakes On TWO Planes

Snakes on a Plane 2: Hypersnakes on a Hyperplane (followed by Snakes on a Plane: Zero Snakes on Zero Planes)

How about “Snakes on a Treadmill on a Plane”?

Now there’s an idea!