Need a Female German Name for my Car: Suggestions?

Maria. Seriously, I met more Marias in Germany than I’ve met in Spain, and I’ve lived in Spain a lot longer. Or that great classic of German car names: Mercedes.

LMAOOOO, a Porsche named Mercedes?



What a great idea! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad you like it!

Frau Blucher! ::engine revs::

Bertha…or Velma


You can not name a Porsche “Elise”. That name has already been taken by Lotus.

I knew a wicked cute Ursula in Germany. To me, the pronunciation difference had more to do with the ‘s’ sounding like a ‘z’, so it became “er-zu-la” and without a very distinct break between the first and second syllables.

I came to say Katarina but somebody beat me so I’ll second it.

:smack: I didn’t even make the connection, as I was pronouncing it Elisa in my head.

Caecilia of course. A Caecilia would know lots of stuff and that’s sexy.

Lots of good suggestions here, Dopers. Thanks! Let’s see…

Giselle sounds nice, but my first impression is Tom Brady. I hate the Pats, I’m a Niners fan. So while the name is nice, I doubt it’ll make the cut. Plus I used to have a good friend named Gisella. Too close.

Elise is pretty, but as someone said, it reminds me of my favorite Lotus. I lusted after the Elise for many years until Lotus finally imported it into the USA (with a Toyota engine, no less). I just can’t do Elise in this case, but it is a pretty name. Also, a coworker’s daughter is named Elise. I prefer names that I can’t connect to someone in my readily-recallable circle.

Petra - hmm, maybe; but, kind of reminds me of rock; Roberto Duran, manos de piedra, I think it was - hands of stone.

Valda - never heard of that one, hmm… might be too masculine sounding

Blondi - no, sorry, reminds me of Dagwood Bumstead

Else/Ilse - I grew up in the northeast USA and Elsie was the Borden cow. Anybody remember that? Is Elsie the Borden cow even still around these days?
Yes - she’ll live on forever on the internet (images here)
She even has her own Wikipedia page. She’s famous!

Leisel - yes, John Mace, I agree that any reference to the von Trapp children is a little icky. (Still, Leisel was pretty…).

Eva - I have a neice named Eva. NFW that’s gonna happen.

Brunhilde - to me, recalls images of a large hairy buxom woman with hairy arms and me tied down on a rack while she’s torturing me. Unpleasant torturing, that. Sorry, no.

Greta sounds gorgeous, yes! Hmm… a possibility.

Uschi - sounds to me like something you order at a sushi bar. Raw urchins, anyone?

Hilda - a good friend of my son, and we went to Hilda’s wedding. Nope.

Mercedes - funny. First, it’s more of a hispanic name. Besides, I might as well consider Audi. Sorry, NFW.

Otto - I’m leaning towards female. Besides, Otto reminds me of the Oakland Raider, Jim Otto, and Jim Otto is one step away from Otis Sistrunk, one of the best-ever sounding football names (to me, anyway). With Otto, I have visions of an old bald German soldier wearing a monicle. Too close to Werner Klemperer’s Colonel Klink for my likes. Besides, let’s stay female. Cars are females, aren’t they?

Schottzie - Wasn’t Marge Schott’s dog named that?

Elke - nice; reminds me of Elke Sommers (and we pubescent boys called her Milky Sommers). Another possibility…

Heidi - my sister in law is Heather, and the family calls her Heidi. Ain’t no way in hell I’m gonna jump in a Heidi and ride her hard. Other than that, it’s a pretty name, and the old TV movie images don’t bother me.

Maria - nice, but not exotic enough; a little bland for my likes

Lola - she was a show girl, but that was thirty years ago when she used to have a show now it’s a disco, but not for Lola…

Gretchen - I worked with an engineer named Gretchen, many many years ago. Not pretty.

Frau Blucher - LMAO! Thanks for the laughs.

Bertha, Velma - for some reason Bertha reminds me of a large woman; ah yes, Big Bertha. Was that some large artillery piece? I think so. Velma, well, we go to Scooby Doo there don’t we? And from there we get to Daphne, who was much hotter. Velma was frumpy. But, she was smart, I’ll give her that.

Helga - thanks for the link and I never saw the show. Kim Hartman, I never saw anything by her. Besides, I nicknamed my .45 auto Helke, that’s what I call her - she’s an H&K USP compact. Too close. Hmm, Elke might be too close to Helke, too.

Katarina - Nice one! The images of Katarina Witt stirs my loins, hmm… I think so far that’s one of the top choices.

Caecilia - nice, but not German-sounding enough for me.

Thanks for the great ideas! We’ll probably be running out of possible names soon.


Be bold.


Fräulein Kartoffelkopf

While I’m still rooting for Katarina (sexy, athletic, curvy, strong, graceful), some other ones, more of the throwing-shit-on-the-wall variety to see what sticks:

Anke (pronounced like “anka.”)
Swanhilda - Never heard of this name, but it apparently means “swan battle,” which is pretty cool

People, please. Great suggestions but your German blows. Check yourselves before you wreck yourselves

That first syllable is nothing like ‘oar’ - the sound is the same as in the second syllable - ‘u’.



But if you name your car Brunhilde, it will be the “ride” of the Valkyrie!